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2320Eurasian Wigeon- Cape Coral Yes

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  • Vincent McGrath
    Jan 12, 2014
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      I had occasion to stop by the pond on NW 10th Ter around two today, our bird was not present but on my return at 5:30pm he was present in full glory.
      My observations
      This pond is a roost site- come early or late in the day, well over 100 ducks, many mallard, mottled, Muscovy, and ring-necked were on shore.
      The Wigeon as well as many dabblers swam towards me and emerged from the pond. This suggests many if not all the dabblers are somewhat socialized ( accustomed to human presence or even feeding, including the wigeon) in almost convinced it recognized me.
      Happy Birding

      Vince McGrath
      Ft Myers, Fl