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2300RFI Fort Myers and Bonita Springs

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  • Jennifer Ambrose
    Jan 2, 2014

      I will be arriving in the Bonita Springs/Fort Myers area next Thursday (escaping the frigid Wisconsin winter!) and will be staying for six days, visiting family. 

      I was hoping to get some information about local hotspots beyond the larger parks. I've birded in FL before and have been to Ding Darling and Corkscrew. I also went to Cape Coral to look for Burrowing Owls. We drove around a lot but only managed to see one owl briefly poke its head out of a burrow near the public baseball field. If anyone has any suggestions on time of day or best site to see the owls, I'd appreciate it. 

      I'd like to see more shorebirds, too--I think I only saw a few Sanderlings last time. However, birding in FL is so wonderful, it's hard to be disappointed. 

      I was just curious about some lesser "known" spots to find birds (and tips on seeing any mammals/reptiles would be appreciated as well).

      Thank you and good birding,
      Jennifer Ambrose
      Milwaukee, WI