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2272Big Year Record

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  • Charlie Ewell
    Dec 17, 2013
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      For those  that may have read or seen the movie "The Big Year" see below...

      Charlie Ewell
      Cape Coral, FL

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      From: Thad Roller <thadroller@...>
      Date: 12/16/2013 9:13 AM (GMT-05:00)
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      Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Big Year Record

      For those that are interested, Neil Hayward is right on the verge of matching
      Sandy Komito's 1998 record of 745+3 species. I've been following his blog
      (accidentalbigyear2013.blogspot.com) closely since May and after picking up little
      bunting in CA on Thursday morning, Neil is likely in Florida today chasing the La
      Sagra's flycatcher seen in south Florida, and possibly the White-Cheeked Pintail.
      If he were to get these two species (assuming the Pintail is countable) he will
      reach 745 + 3 species and in so doing tie the record.

      Keep an eye on his blog, and let's see if our state can serve up these two
      vagrants and boost Neil's year list to tie the record! If so, he'd still have two
      weeks to find at least one more vagrant bird (Great Skua possibly?) and take the
      prize for most birds ever seen in the ABA area in a year!

      Thad Roller

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