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1567Stormwater Treatment Area 5 report -3/5/11

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  • Margaret
    Mar 7, 2011
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      Combined list for the 3/5/11 Escorted trip to Stormwater Treatment Area 5. (For ebird select Stormwater Treatment Area 5 for data for 2005 -2011)

      Reservations for the Big O Birding Festival bus and photography trips March 23-26 are limited to 10-25 participants. Use forms at http://www.bigobirdingfestival.com

      The next escorted driving trip to STA5 will be April 16th. Reservations required. Limited to 60 participants.
      For information contact:
      Margaret England

      Location: Stormwater Treatment Area 5
      Observation date: 3/5/11
      Notes: Banded spoonbill: red band on left knee and silver on right ankle. No letters or numbers observed
      Number of species: 83
      Participants: 68

      Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
      Fulvous Whistling-Duck
      Canada Goose
      American Wigeon
      Mottled Duck
      Blue-winged Teal
      Northern Shoveler
      Northern Pintail
      Green-winged Teal
      Ring-necked Duck
      Lesser Scaup
      Pied-billed Grebe
      Wood Stork
      Double-crested Cormorant
      American White Pelican
      Great Blue Heron
      Great Blue Heron (White form)
      Great Egret
      Snowy Egret
      Little Blue Heron
      Tricolored Heron
      Cattle Egret
      Green Heron
      Black-crowned Night-Heron
      White Ibis
      Glossy Ibis
      Roseate Spoonbill 82
      Black Vulture
      Turkey Vulture
      Snail Kite
      Northern Harrier
      Cooper's Hawk
      Red-shouldered Hawk
      Red-tailed Hawk
      Crested Caracara
      American Kestrel
      Peregrine Falcon 2
      Purple Swamphen
      Purple Gallinule
      Common Moorhen
      American Coot
      Sandhill Crane
      Black-necked Stilt
      American Avocet 2
      Greater Yellowlegs
      Lesser Yellowlegs
      Least Sandpiper
      Stilt Sandpiper
      Long-billed Dowitcher
      Laughing Gull
      Ring-billed Gull
      Caspian Tern
      Black Skimmer
      Mourning Dove
      Common Ground-Dove
      Belted Kingfisher
      Eastern Phoebe
      Cassin's Kingbird 1
      Loggerhead Shrike
      White-eyed Vireo
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow
      Tree Swallow
      House Wren
      Gray Catbird
      Northern Mockingbird
      Brown Thrasher
      European Starling
      Palm Warbler
      Northern Waterthrush
      Common Yellowthroat
      Savannah Sparrow
      Red-winged Blackbird
      Eastern Meadowlark
      Common Grackle
      Boat-tailed Grackle