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1502RE: [SWFLBirdline] unknown bird?

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  • Jeff Bouton
    Mar 11, 2010
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      Hey Ginette,


      I believe this is a pair of Clay-colored Sparrows. Immature chipping sparrows can appear similar but again I believe the markings are too bold for this. Unfortunately, given the strong compression of the image I can’t see individual details on these birds to say for certain, only general patterns of color and shape. If you want to email the full-sized image to me, I’d happily blow these up to confirm individual markings but absolutely one of these two species. Clay-colored is actually an unusual species here in Florida so two at once would represent a nice find! Chipping by comparison occur in small flocks regularly. None-the-less, my gut impression from what I can see in the image provided has me leaning toward the former, although as I said I can not be 100% certain without a better look to see individual markings on the head, nape, etc.




      Jeff Bouton

      Port Charlotte, FL





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      The birds I am trying to i.d.came into my feeders Oct. 09 and are a pair. They are seed eaters and about half the size of a house sparrow. I live in Ft. Laud. They only feed and travel with a small flock of painted buntings, eight males and maybe fifteen females. I do have a flock of around fifty house sparrows that feed daily but these birds only feed with the buntings.
      Have pics in photos under Unknown bird by Ginette. It's the last photo. thanks for any help to I.D.these birds.

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