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1462RE: Lee County report: A true fallout- almost

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  • Charlie Ewell and Arlyne Salcedo
    Oct 1, 2009

      I forgot to mention the report is for Wednesday 30 Sep 09


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      Subject: [SWFLBirdline] Lee County report: A true fallout- almost



      The below was reported by Vince McGrath


      Charlie Ewell

      Cape Coral , FL

      anhinga42@embarqmai l.com


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      On Behalf Of Vincent McGrath
      Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 10:19 PM
      Subject: [FlaBirding] A true fallout- almost



      The strong weather system that passed southwest Florida coast this
      morning inundated Lee Co with the dream birding we all desire. As I
      drove to work along Sanibel to the north tip of Captiva it appeared
      daybreak would be delayed. By 8am about halfway up Sanibel I began
      seeing migrants crossing the road in every direction. At work flocks
      of warblers were streaming in from every direction. By 9 am I'd seen
      13 species of warblers. Wood, Swainson and Veery. Yellow-throated, Red-
      eyed, and White-eyed Vireos. Eastern Wood Pewee- fuggeda about it- I
      don't recall ever seeing so many in one day. Summer and Scarlet
      Tanagers. Left work early to finish the day at Six Mile Cypress
      Preserve inland. Added Baltimore Oriole, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and
      Acadian Flycatcher plus 3 more warblers species. Absent was prairie,
      black-throated blue, cuckoos, swallows, swifts and goatsuckers.
      16 species of warblers
      N Parula
      Tennessee- 100s
      Chestnut-sided 20
      Magnolia 12
      Black-throated Green
      Hooded 6
      Black and White
      Am Redstart
      N Waterthrush
      Yellowthroat 20

      Mcavian@aol. com
      Vince McGrath
      Fort Myers , Fl

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