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1298Connecticut Warbler at Lakes Park!

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  • Charlie Ewell
    May 2, 2008



      Walt Winton reported finding a Connecticut Warbler this afternoon at Lakes Park in south Ft Myers.  He will be leading a walk there tomorrow morning at 8:00 for the Bird Patrol, so anyone interested should enter the park off Gladiolus Rd , turn right after entering the park at the first stop, and continue to the end of the road to the last parking area.  The group will meet in a covered pavilion (A-7 I believe) very close to the parking lot.  Don’t forget to pay the parking fee at the pay station. 


      The Connecticut was later relocated by Vince McGrath at the north end of the park, located just beyond the high rise condo (Riva del Lago) where the wooded habitat begins.  There were a number of warblers present, including a male Chestnut-sided singing!  Multiple male Redstarts, male and female Black-throated Blue, Black-and-white, Prothonotary, Palm, Common Yellowthroat, and multiple Blackpolls (seen in the AM by another birder).


      Charlie Ewell

      Cape Coral, FL