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1054Corkscrew Sanctuary

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  • birder124247
    Sep 4, 2006
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      Hi all,

      Went to Corkscew Sanctuary this morning. Got ther at 7:15am.
      First birds inside were Prairie Warbler, Eastern Wood Pewee, Great
      Crested Flycatcher and one unidentified warbler. Lots of Carolina
      Wrens, White Eyed Vireos, and Blue Gray Gnatcatchers. Back side of
      Sanctuary near the turn to go to the platform I got a Golden Winged
      Warbler[also seen by volunteers]. Others seen Yellow Warbler, Tufted
      Titmouse, Limpkin and other regular birds seen.Volunteer reports of
      Worm-eating and Prothonotary Warblers seen as well.

      Wed. 8/30
      North Naples Water treatment plant:6 Sandwich Terns and lots of
      Barn and Bank Swallows.
      Thurs 8/31
      Gene Sarazen Park on south collier Marco Island: Yellow Warbler,
      female Hooded Warbler, and 2 Yellow Throated Warblers.
      Fri. 9/1
      Bonita Springs, 41 and old 41 north head west at intersection
      second left, there is a little boardwalk going through a little cypress
      wetlands. Heading south quicking Blue gray G.,female Redstart, Yellow
      Throated Warbler, and a possible Cerulean Warbler.Also had a beautiful
      adult Bald Eagle soaring a short distance over head.
      Friday night at the Naples H.S. football game against Ft. Myers
      in Naples 8+ Common Nighthawks feasting on insects.
      Going the Orlando to the Florida Food Show this weekend and then
      up to Crystal River to stay for a few days. Hope to try some new
      birding spots in both places.
      Hope everyone has a safe weekend and good birding.

      Kenneth P. Williams
      Naples Fl.