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Vegetarianism 'could help climate'

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  • Marius Cristian Vasilescu
    *Vegetarianism could help climate * Jul 6 2005 Climate change could be reduced if mankind swapped their pork chops for tofu sausages, according to new
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      Vegetarianism 'could help climate'

      Jul 6 2005

      Climate change could be reduced if mankind swapped their pork chops for tofu sausages, according to new research.

      A scientist claims ditching meaty meals in favour of nut roasts could do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions than burning less oil and gas.

      The radical new theory argues livestock animals bred to be eaten produce 21% of the carbon dioxide attributed to humans. So by trading the traditional Sunday roast for an environmentally-friendly mung bean casserole, damaging emissions can be slashed.

      The innovative new theory would mean the mass slaughter of all livestock.

      Author of the new anti-climate-change strategy Alan Calverd outlined his plan in this month's issue of Physics World.

      He argued vegetarianism had no adverse health effects and his proposal required no new technology. It would free up huge swathes of farmland which could be used to produce biofuels to further cut C02 emissions.

      He said: "I am not a vegetarian or an animal-rights advocate nor am I even convinced that carbon dioxide is a significant contributor to climate change.

      "But a worldwide reduction of meat production in the pursuit of the targets set in the Kyoto treaty seems to carry fewer political unknowns than cutting our consumption of fossil fuels.

      "It also appears to offer genuine benefits. Moreover, it is a simple reversible experiment that can be initiated by redirecting agricultural policies and subsidies, monitored in real time, and abandoned at any stage.

      "It takes about 60% less land to produce a given quantity of fat and protein from plants than from animals. If we cultivated the same fields, the world would be in food surplus rather than shortage."

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