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Fwd: Deception at PETA

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  • Marius Cristian Vasilescu
    Culmea culmilor! Doi angajati PeTA au fost arestati pentru cruzime impotriva animalelor. Se pare ca Peta de cativa ani buni strange caini si pisici spunand ca
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2005
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      Culmea culmilor! Doi angajati PeTA au fost arestati pentru cruzime impotriva animalelor. Se pare ca Peta de cativa ani buni strange caini si pisici spunand ca le vor gasi o casa, dar marii majoritati din aceste animale nu li s-a gasit nici o casa, fiind "eutanasiate". Acest caz este o lovitura grea pt cei care lupta pt. drepturile animalelor. Peta este foarte controvesata si pentru modul cum duce unele campanii care socheaza opinia publica...

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      Subject:NOTMILK - Deception at PETA
      From:Robert Cohen <notmilk@...>

      Deception at PETA
      "If caught or killed the Secretary will disavow any 
      knowledge of your existence." 
      Mission Impossible Instructions For Loyal Employees 
      Ingrid Newkirk has a history of deception. As a matter 
      of fact, one of my favorite books is her "Free The Animals," 
      the story of Ingrid's path to founding PETA. In her 
      introduction, Ingrid explains that she is writing about 
      an individual other than herself. A third party. She has 
      continually denied that she is her own book's protagonist. 
      All I can say is "cow chips." Ingrid should take pride in 
      her past adventures and achievements in which she rescued 
      abused animals and exposed the horrors of animal research 
      labs by stealing "insider" videotapes which documented 
      widespread abuses. 
      Still, Ingrid is a liar. A liar by any other name is not 
      a rose. It's a liar, and what she's done this past week 
      is to pass the blame for PETA's unethical animal abuse 
      onto innocent worker bees who were just following orders. 
      In the cult of the PETA worker, I wonder why these 
      easily impressionable and underpaid children don't 
      just take cyanide capsules when caught. That way, 
      Ingrid's not-so-clean butt would not be exposed. 
      Hey, Ingrid. You're hanging those employees of yours out in 
      the swirling wind of a tornado to dry. Apparently, the buck 
      does not stop at your desk. How pathetic of Ingrid Newkirk 
      to blame PETA's horror story on two kids. Produce your past 
      incineration bills, Ingrid. PETA has been killing thousands 
      of animals each week for many years. How dare they lay the 
      blame on loyal employees who just follow orders? 
      Does it matter what happens to dead bodies? Buried at 
      sea, or burned to ashes, or placed into a dumpster, what 
      really is the crime? Murder is murder. The manner in which 
      bodies are disposed of does not worsen or lessen the crime. 
      Ingrid's latest smokescreen does not hide her victimless 
      policy of killing healthy animals. 
      "We would never do that," explained Ingrid. Do what? Kill 
      innocent creatures, as you have done? "We do not condone 
      dumping bodies in dumpsters." Give me a break. 
      What PETA should be doing. 
      PETA should address the problem, not their "ultimate solution." 
      The problem is "unwanted pets." The problem is people not 
      taking responsibility for animals. Neutering helps to prevent 
      unwanted animals. Does not PETA have the resources to open 
      a dog and cat shelter in upstate New York, just as Gene 
      and Lori Bauston once did in opening Farm Sanctuary? One 
      cannot rescue every unwanted dog or cat, just as one cannot 
      rescue the 10 billion farm animals killed each year to feed 
      Americans. In a sense, rescued animals living at sanctuaries 
      become ambassadors for billions of abused animals. 
      PETA should place their enormous resources and funds to open 
      such a shelter. 
      By euthanizing animals, PETA buries the secret of those 
      shelters who mass-kill their unwanted dogs and cats. These 
      creatures die horrible deaths. PETA rationalizes that their 
      euthanization program delivers compassionate slaughter to 
      animals that would otherwise be mass-murdered. 
      Know what? I prefer the uncompassionate mass-murder scenario 
      combined with public outrage. PETA has those horrible films 
      as a result of past undercover operations. They should use 
      some of their dollars to advertise this abuse. All people 
      should view the horrible truth of what really happens to 
      unwanted pets. Only then can the system be changed. On their 
      present course, PETA will succeed in doing nothing in that 
      regard. In this way PETA keeps these truths from the public 
      by quietly euthanizing sentient creatures. 
      There has never been any more offensive a concept as 
      compassionate murder. Compassionate slaughter is an insult 
      to those pretending to have compassion. 
      Note: For the first time that I've been writing columns, 
      more than ten percent of my readers felt the need and 
      passion to respond to Saturday's column. See: 
      <http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/notmilk/message/2052 > 
      In her press conference, Ingrid Newkirk, the mistress of 
      doublespeak, said: 
      "Now let me explain why PETA believes euthanasia is the 
      kindest gift to a dog or cat unwanted and unloved." 
      Kindest gift? How about love? Rescue? Adoption? 
      Death is a kind gift? There are many unloved humans. 
      Should death be their kindest gift too? Ingrid, you've 
      grown dangerous, and the animal rights movement is 
      not being taken seriously by those who we criticize 
      for their abuse of animals. The per capita consumption 
      of chickens and cattle continues to increase, despite 
      your efforts. It is time for self examination. Death 
      in any form is not a kind gift. Despite your delusions, 
      you are not the angel of mercy to these creatures. 
      You have become the angel of death. What greater irony 
      is there that you continue to solicit funds from 
      people who believe that you are there to help these 
      animals needing love? 
      More than 500 letters received regarding my last column, 
      but all were not supportive of my position. Two of the 
      letter writers were quite upset with me for exposing PETA 
      for their crime against animals. For the others: Thank you 
      for understanding that death is the infinite cruelty.
      Robert Cohen 


      Marius Cristian

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