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RE: [SUcreations] Help with upline

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  • Wanda Dodds
    Hi Michelle: Welcome to the SU Family! Unfortunately, that does occasionally happen and I say this speaking from my own experience. I ve often considered
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2013

      Hi Michelle:  Welcome to the SU Family!  Unfortunately, that does occasionally happen and I say this speaking from my own experience.  I’ve often considered re-signing under another demo but I’ve been a demo for too long and have too much to lose to start over. It is frustrating that she receives financial gain due to my hard work & efforts when there is no support offered on her part  but I’m over that.  It is what it is. 

      There isn’t much you can do if your upline doesn’t want to seem to acknowledge you except turn to other resources for help. When you think of it, the more help she offers, the better your business/sales will be, the more rewarding it is for her but I don’t really know her circumstances so we will leave it at that.  Have you tried letting her know your frustrations and/or expectations?


      Most of what I’ve learned over the years has been from a lot of reading and I’ve joined some great Yahoo groups that are extremely helpful in answering questions and offering information.

      Thankfully you have found another upline to help you along with your business and I hope you have tremendous success with it. 


      SC, Splitcoast Stampers, LateNightStampers (Demo Only) are a few of the places I’ve found extremely helpful and I know there are many others out there that are probably just as great.  When I first joined and when I was in doubt about anything and never got answers, I also called Demo Support and they were awesome in answering any questions I had.


      Best of luck with your new SU business and if you have any other questions, I don’t mind you sending  me an email and I will try & help you out.  It’s just a part of “paying forward” what other great  supportive demo’s have done for me :)

        There is an enormous amount support  available through other demo’s or groups if you continue to find you don’t receive any help from your upline.  Sorry you have to go this route, but just ask and you’ll find many will jump in and help you along the way!




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      Help! What is a new demo to do when her upline isn't trying to help her? She never answers our questions and I feel like I am invading her if I ask her anything. Luckly I've been given the help of another upline and also get most of my questions answered in stampin connection. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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