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Swap-by-set ALMOST FULL

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  • Lee Bradford
    Thanks everyone! The response to this swap was great! I know I put the deadline for signup at October 6th, but, as you can see below, there s only one slot
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2007
      Thanks everyone!  The response to this swap was great!  I know I put the deadline for signup at October 6th, but, as you can see below, there's only one slot left.  If you were interested in signing up, please let me know soon :) 
      Thank you!!!

      Hi Everybody!

      I would like to host a swap that uses only one specific set. My
      thinking is that it would be great to have a basket full of samples
      for sets that I own and that I might not be alone in that thought :)
      If this goes well, I would like to change out the set we swap every
      couple weeks. This is my first time hosting a swap so I could use
      lots of pointers from you more experienced swappers.

      The set I'd like to swap first is Priceless. It will be a 10+1 swap
      (please send 11 total).

      The guidelines are:

      1. Use only this set.
      2. Card fronts only (please put recipe on the back)
      3. Current SU! product only for CS,layering and embelishments.
      4. No limit to the number of layers and/ or embelishments used.
      5. Combine colors professionally, please.


      The signup deadline is October 6th, 2007. Swaps are due postmarked
      no later than October 20th.


      1. Karen G
      2. Keri B
      3. MzPenny
      4. Heidi M
      5. Rachel Y
      6. Jessica K
      7. Teresa B
      8. Dianne K
      9. Janice M
      I will email each person the details for submitting your swaps at the
      time of signup. Out of respect for those who will put their very
      best work in their samples for you, please signup ONLY if you intend
      to fulfill your commitment promptly. Most will be anxious to get
      their swaps back right away :)

      Feel free to email me at inkartfromtheheart@ sbcglobal. net if you have
      any questions or advice to offer or you would like to signup.

      Happy Stampin'!
      Lee Bradford
      Independent SU! Demonstrator
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