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20190UPDATE: Husband Doug Recovery & Fundraiser

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  • Heidi Michel
    Sep 26, 2013
      My family and I have set up a fundraiser for my family because of my husbands lung surgery which will have him with no work income for 6-8 weeks. Our entire story is on this link. If you could afford just a couple dollars to help us out that would be wonderful. Every dollar will help. He cannot collect unemployment because he is not able to work, union disability calls for 6 1/2 weeks off work and then they will pay us $500 one time, and SSI is not an option.
      He would also love your cards of encouragement for his quitting smoking. He is doing great so far and has 14 days as of today under his belt. Thank you so much!!!

      Doug & Heidi Michel
      7 year SU Demonstrator from Ohio