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The 13th Annual FAME World Championships - Las Vegas

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    The 2010 FAME World Championships features the [160] EXPERIENCE!! ... [167] This Exciting Vegas
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      The 2010
      FAME World Championships features the

      [160] <http://www.bodyproud.org> EXPERIENCE!!


      [167] <http://www.bodyproud.org>

      This Exciting Vegas Weekend Experience

      * final pit stop of the 2010 FAME World Tour
      <http://www.FAMEworldtour.com> and grand finale event

      * World Natural Sports Organization <http://www.wnso.com> (WNSO)
      competitor and judge training classes

      * exclusive gathering for the BodyProud Community
      <http://www.BodyProud.org> and those on the path to self development

      * Australia's own Miss Unity Fashion Show - featuring some of the
      scouted attendees!

      * FAME World Championships & PRO Showdown

      * a competitive platform for artists, physique athletes (natural
      bodybuilders <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/bodybuilders> , figure
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/figure> fitness
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/fitnessathletes> competitors
      e+> ) and their trainer
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/xn/detail/2315605:Comment:283634> &

      * a forum for exposure, oppportunity, and brand building for physique
      models (swimsuit models,
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/swimsuitmodelathletes> fitness models
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/fitnessmodelathletes> , muscle models
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/musclemodelathletes> )

      * professional photo shoots for international campaigns

      * television, video, & internet shoots

      * workshops, seminars, assemblies & live demonstrations

      * private Hollywood movie screening

      * world class athletes

      * magazine cover models

      * celebrations of physique transformations and triumphs

      * BodyProud Inspiration Showcase
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/forum/topics/body-proud-showcase> - Get

      * group meals with special buffets courtesy of Bally's Casino

      * group discussions and social get-togethers

      * networking party and media Meet 'n Greet

      * Awards Gala

      ...and more!

      More than an event..
      It's an EXPERIENCE!

      It's an experience for athletes, models, physique competitors, and all
      those they inspire.

      Event promoters, judges and trainers are all invited to attend as there
      are elements of the experience targeted just for you!





      $1000's in Ca$h and Prizes... What?!?!

      The NEW BodyProud Community website.

      BodyProud Mentors.. Do you qualify?


      SPEAK TO US:

      We're interested in hearing from you. Are you most interested in
      physique competitions, transforming your life, sharing your learned
      experiences, being part of an online community, attending live events,
      and/or other? Contact Us. <mailto:info@...>


      What do FAME Athletes, WNSO Pros, and BodyProud Role Models LOVE about
      this Event?

      "Competing with FAME marked my entrance into the Fitness Industry and
      acted as a springboard that launched my career. I've always found magic
      in each FAME Experience and felt like I was being taken care of by the
      WNSO Family."

      Margaret Diubaldo
      "Maggie D"


      "It's like waiting for Christmas. Then it comes and it's such an
      inspiring feeling. It's like the greatest "Fitness Wonderland" that
      provides an opportunity to bring family, friends, and industry
      professionals together."

      Nancy DiNino


      Tried, "tested" and true!!! It's the event of the season I most look
      forward to!"

      Julie Marsland


      FAME is a must for any athlete wishing to network with sponsors and
      athletes alike. If you want to be known in this industry, you just have
      to be there.

      Larry Vinette


      As a FAME athlete, I have had the pleasure of
      meeting some really great people, as well as receiving tons of exposure
      in the fitness industry, which has led me to get work in mainstream
      fitness magazines, as well as sponsorship. I would definitely recommend
      FAME to anyone considering competing.

      Francisca Dennis


      Exposure, Friends, Glamour,Excitement: This show is bigger than life.
      Every competitor needs to experience it at least once. I had the time of
      my life.

      Maurice Vaillancourt





      [122] <http://www.eventbee.com/view/fameworldchampionships2010>

      [122] <http://www.eventbee.com/view/fameworldchampionships2010>





      If so, please contact
      BodyProud to learn about opportunities available.

      Opportunities include, and are not limited to:
      * product sampling
      * prizes
      * exhibit space
      * lectures
      * demonstrations
      * promotion on slot machines
      * car parked in Bally's driveway
      * banners at Bally's
      * logos on hotel keys... and much, much more!


      FAME World Championships
      BodyProud Experience
      Nov 11 - 14
      Ballys Casino, Las Vegas

      More than an Event... It's an Experience!



      How Is it an EXPERIENCE?

      [137] The weekend of festivities starts as soon as you arrive, as early
      as Thursday Nov 11, and continues until Sunday Nov 14. Structured
      activities are scheduled through out the weekend for each target group.

      Target groups include competitors; photographers; judges; event
      promoters; friends and family; fans, spectators and newbies; and those
      who have transformed their physique and/or enhanced their life. For
      example, competitors get to be part of the Model Experience and/or
      Athlete Experience which focuses heavily on opportunities, exposure,
      friendships, and networking.

      [272] <http://www.bodyproud.org/events/fame-world-championships-wnso>


      To facilitate a meaningful experience for each person individually as
      well as for the group as a whole, the organizers have chosen to limit
      the number of attendees. Cut off date is Oct 10 and rates are
      discounted until Sept 25. If you act now, you can sign up to be a part
      of history in the making.



      Bally's Casino Hotel is offering special discounts for all those who are
      taking part of this weekend experience. Use Code: SBFAME - 1800 358



      New Management

      The World Natural Sports Organization <http://www.wnso.com> is now
      under new management: Here's a big welcome to Michael Elias, himself a
      competitive natural bodybuilder who earned his WNSO Pro Status years
      ago. Mr Elias has also acted as a Head Judge for international level
      events. He has a vast understanding about -- and first hand experience
      on -- the intricacies of competition, the dieting processs, and what is
      most important to those who train naturally. As such, the WNSO is proud
      to announce NEW DRUG TESTING regulations for the FAME World
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/events/fame-world-championships-wnso> which
      are taking place during the BodyProud Weekend Experience
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/events/fame-world-championships-wnso> in Las


      Drug Testing

      All Competitors are Drug Tested. Everyone must pass through the Physique
      Screening Panel and provide a sample for Urinalysis.

      The Physique Screening Panel is the first stage for the BodyProud
      Weekend Experience. All competitors have the opportunity to meet with
      the judges and ask questions. Models can also discuss which category the
      judges feel they are most suitable for and have the ability to modify
      their selections for that weekend. During this time, the Panel will be
      assessing each competitor's physique in the hopes that no one will
      display signs of having used banned performance enhancers. Once the
      athlete is given the green light, they are entitled to complete their
      registration, receive their competitor number, sponsor gift bag, and
      participate in the numerous photo shoots and video shoots that are
      taking place at Bally's Casino.

      As a secondary procedure, all remaining competitors must provide a urine
      sample. Samples are collected on registration day, prior to competing.
      Those who are non-complying will not be eligible to compete and are
      considered to not have passed the Drug Test.


      Competitor Enhancement

      1. Every single person who gets up on a competition stage, undoubtedly
      put in a lot of focused effort, time, and money in order to sculpt and
      share their physique to be stage-ready. As such, the WNSO is offering
      something unique at the BodyProud Weekend Experience
      <http://www.bodyproud.org/events/fame-world-championships-wnso> .
      Michael Elias will actually be leading a competitor improvement workshop
      to give competitors tips and advice straight from the Head Judge.
      Following the competition, Mr Elias, along with other certified WNSO
      Judges, are going to be on hand to give guidance, feedback and
      suggestions on an individual basis. The purpose here is to gear
      everyone up to shine on stage and better their best.

      The Walking and Posing Workshops are also open to non-competitors.
      Undoubtedly, this will be regarded as an eye opening experience for
      anyone who has never trained intensely for a contest. A lot to be

      [162] 2. A unique VIP Seat Section is available to those who are
      competing during the weekend. This VIP section allows athletes the
      exclusive opportunity to watch all events, sit amongst fellow
      competitors, and support their new friends and/or role models.

      3. Every registered competitor who has a product, service, and/or
      BodyProud story of Transformation or Triumph, is invited to elevate
      their status. Contact Operations <mailto:operations@...> for
      information on Booth displays, Stage Talk time, and/or other
      opportunities you believe would be a good fit for you at this event.

      4. Every participant has the opportunity to be filmed for international
      video and commercial campaigns and TV shows. Professional photographer
      crews are on site, many whose images have been published in various
      magazines and as featured internet content. Candid shots, stage photos,
      private and/or group shoots, TV interviews, television footage, web
      campaigns, the FAME World Championships has it all. Want to preschedule
      a shoot? Contact BodyProud <mailto:info@...>

      Click to Watch Video



      What's In It For You?

      A lot! A life enhancing experience. You are all invited to participate
      in a full weekend of structured activity. You may watch a show, listen
      to a seminar, observe a professional photo shoot in action, get
      interviewed, and/or take a workshop and test out what you've learned.

      You may also opt to share your personal development achievements,
      transformation triumphs, and "beat the odds" story as part of the
      BodyProud <http://www.bodyproud.org/group/triumphs> Showcase. Video
      crews and photographers are on hand to capture these inspirational from
      the heart stories and profound moments. Athletes, media, and scouts are
      also invited to share in your celebrations.

      For family and friends coming to watch the athletic events and/or
      BodyProud Showcase, please know that this weekend is also catered for
      you! You may arrive not knowing anyone, and/or not really having a
      desire to go through what your loved one has undertaken. That's the
      beauty of this event. We're all in this together. So connect with other
      parents, siblings, children, and/or significant others and experience
      Las Vegas. Plus, everyone is invited to be eat together, socialize with
      one another, party, learn, love, live, network, grow, and develop
      themselves in such huge life enhancing ways.



      The BodyProud Vegas Experience <http://www.bodyproud.org> is geared to
      touch the lives of all those who participate!

      It is with great pride, that we invite you all to join in on this

      Remember, registration is capped and the final date to register is Oct
      1. However, to take advantage of the discount rates, it is best to
      register before Setp 25 2010.

      We are excited to meet you all in Las Vegas and this journey together.

      With gratitude,

      Team BodyProud

      -- --------------------------------------------------

      "I look forward to welcoming the top natural athletes from around the
      world to compete on the FAME World Championships stage in Las Vegas.
      It's going to be an incredible weekend of competition and an amazing
      experience for everyone involved. The 2010 FAME World Championships
      will be an event that media, competitors, and fans will remember for a

      Michael Elias
      WNSO Executive Director
      FAME World Championships Head Judge


      Love Your Life. Live BodyProud!

      FAME: Your Body. Your Goals. Your Time to Shine!

      Join the BodyProud Online Community: www.BodyProud.org

      [FAME: Your Body. Your Goals. Your Time to Shine!]


      [480] <http://www.ghpsport-bodyproud.com/>


      [468] <http://www.gymgems.com/>

      [500] <http://www.bodyproud.org/>


      SBL is offering discounts to anyone who feels BodyProud and/or is on a
      BodyProud journey.

      [476] <http://www.sbllean.com>
      To save 50%, use Promo Code: LeanBP <http://www.sbllean.com>

      [477] <http://www.sbllibido.com>
      To save 25%, use Promo Code: LibidoBP <http://www.sbllibido.com>

      [480] <http://www.sblrush.com>
      To save 25%, use Promo Code: RushBP


      [544] <http://www.bodyproud.org/profile/DFSA>

      [EMAIL]Unsubscribe <[UNSUBSCRIBE]> This is the footer

      If you would like to continue to receive updates from BodyProud, the
      FAME World Tour, and/or the World Natural Sports Organizations, we thank
      you! However, if you received this in error, or if this is not
      something that interests you, please hit unsubscribe. That is the only
      way to remove yourself off the list. Thank you and with much gratitude,
      we wish you a pleasant journey on your continued life adventure.

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