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Pull up WR to stand, now seperate from Chin WR's Yeahhh!!!

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  • Matt
    I want to apologize to ED: This is my last post on this subject, I will keep it as STREND related as possible. By the way Dale Harder was very impressed
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2007
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      I want to apologize to ED: This is my last post on this subject, I
      will keep it as STREND related as possible. By the way Dale Harder
      was very impressed with the 83% rule, and felt indeed this was one
      way to keep everyone on the same in regards to grip width for Bench,
      Pulls, and shoulder press. In addition the apparatus used to ensure
      proper dips this was also of great interest to him. We are planning
      a STREND west coast in April 08

      New World record to separate Chins from Pulls:

      From Ralf Lue: Book of Alternative
      Thank you as well for the well-thought suggestions for improving the
      rules. I think that there is no reason not to adopt all of them.
      because of the repeated interest by many athletes, I will make a
      difference between pull-ups and chin-ups in the future. It is only
      this will need some weeks, because I have to look at all videos of
      previous attempts.

      From Paddy Doyle: Recordholders.org

      "Reading it briefly you have a point, the two are different
      disciplines and you should be allowed to keep your titles which are
      followed by the appropriate rules. Send me the results and paperwork
      when you complete future records, and once checked they will be put
      on my web site under the International Record Holders Association
      page " IRHA "

      All the best
      Paddy Doyle

      The two disciplines will soon be separated. What a weight lifted off
      my shoulders, or should I say "off my back".
      So 30 minute marks and 60 minute marks and longer will also be
      separated between Chin ups (supinated) grip and Pull-ups (pronated)
      grips. I suppose this make even take place with the 60 second
      record. My intention is not to take away a record away from anyone
      or to somehow usurp a title from anyone. These styles are inherently
      different, and I have stayed true to myself by perfecting pronotated
      grip pull ups.
      I spent the afternoon with Dale Harder today www.strengthopedia.com
      I was like a kid in a candy store, he was an amazing individual. His
      house was a library/museum of strength, power, endurance fitness
      records from over the last century in every event you can imagine. He
      allowed me to view a video of Natoli's 44 (1 minute WR), Sadly I was
      disappointed to see that almost all of his wide grip reverse chin ups
      did not involve full lockout, legs were bent up in front of him at a
      crazy angle and at least 4 times it did not appear his chin broke the
      bar, not to mention he actually stopped a couple of times to re-
      grip. This acceptance of these types of records is simply
      jeopardizing the integrity of these records attempts.

      This is all of great relief and vindication for me; as those of you
      who have trained with me or have seen my attention to rules, can
      attest that I am of the Pull-up ilk.
      Stephen Hyland's record is almost all Chins or purely reverse grip
      supinated. That is to his credit.
      However with training he very well may be capable of high rep totals
      in the pronated style. I would do wise not to doubt him.
      There are variations in muscle groups both primary & secondary
      muscles used for Chins vs Pulls. Most folks you speak to on the
      subject feel Chins to be a slightly easier movement overall. However
      they can't give you a scientific definition for why.
      See explanation and video below of Pull up and Chin up
      Primary is Biceps
      http://www.criticalbench.com/exercises/pull-up.htm Primary is lats
      From: http://www.exrx.net/Muscles/BicepsBrachii.html
      When the forearm is supinated as in the chin up you get stronger
      University studies shows the differences:
      University of Michigan Motion Analysis underhand vs
      overhand grip (supinated vs pronated)
      See linear kinematics and discussion

      In a few weeks I will attempt another record all-together: one
      finger (from each hand) pull-ups or Chin ups. I am not sure which is
      easier, but will practice both grips: I hope to do 13 slow and
      controlled full form.

      Soon I will attempt another go at the 30 minute Pull-up World record,
      but now as you can see the # to beat is 433.

      Thanks to everyone who has supported me.

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