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1865Re: STREND Final Results

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    Jul 1, 2011
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      STREND at 48
      If I lose 3 lbs, I will be under 145.
      STREND at 58
      If I lose 5 lbs, I will be under 160.

      STREND at 48
      I am not going to let him beat me.
      STREND at 58
      I am not going to let me beat me.

      STREND at 48
      The run...Oh Boy!
      STREND at 58
      The run...Oh God!

      STREND at 48
      That darn buzzer!
      STREND at 58
      That darn buzzer!
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      No problem, John! "The older we get,, the better we were!"


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      I made a mistake.

      I double-checked my card last night and I had 42 dips, so I had 107 reps. with a 22.66 run time, the STREND factor was 4.72. 10-17-21-17-42

      This is the problem with the elderly doing STREND. Can't remember their reps!

      Thanks guys.


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