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  • Matt Bogdanowicz
    Apr 1, 2011
      Yes, it was about 85 degrees yesterday very nice. Great numbers. It looks like your run times are improving.  Depends on form   an 8 may end up a 7 in competition. Dips are the discipline requiring the most attention. (I'll send you the video of the Last STREND)
      I have done little to no weight lifting in the past two weeks.  We spent 6 days in the hospital before bringing the babies home. Sabrina and Brooklyn - 12 days old today!  I'm getting by on less sleep and struggling to get in some decent runs. 
      As a brave soul I signed up for a college invitational 1500 track race tomorrow. 
      I'll dust of the track spikes and see if I can run 4:19?  (equates to a 4:38) mile.
      I'll start lifting next week.
      --- On Thu, 3/31/11, Chris Lele <sirchrislele@...> wrote:

      From: Chris Lele <sirchrislele@...>
      Subject: [STREND] Latest Attempt
      To: STREND@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011, 4:48 PM


      Just knocked out a Strend on a summer-like day here in Cali. Almostpast out at the end;).

      Anyways, back down to 150. I'm not the strongest (nor thefastest I've ever been) but I'm feeling good. Here are my numbersfrom today.
      Bench Press 185lbs  x16  Pull-ups  +20lbs        x20Military Press 95lbs   x27Reverse Pull-ups       x17Dips +30                  x53Total                       133  Run 2.8 miles (slight hill): 17:35
      It's hard to say exactly what the Elite Strend score is on that. I'd add a few toothe bench to match Elite body weight. A few to the military press as well.Looks to be mid to upper 7s. Again, with judges there knocking off for incompletereps that could bring me closer to 7.
      Overall, I'd like to hit 8 at the Strend Elite level. I'll keep trying...

      --- On Wed, 3/16/11, Chris Lele <sirchrislele@...> wrote:

      From: Chris Lele <sirchrislele@...>
      Subject: Re: [STREND] It's Been Awhile
      To: STREND@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 9:59 PM

      Congrats on the twins! Life is about to get much busier! A strend this year may be a little tough training for but it would still be great to compete again.
      But who knows--I think the youtube thing is a great idea. No one better to introduce Strend and stress the rules for each discipline. As soon you get it up let me know, and I will post a strend video on there and link it to yours. Maybe if we aren't able to pull a real Strend off, we can have virtual competition on on youtube.
      That said, I'd definitely compete this June if Mark Lundin can put something together. If we can generate a little buzz on youtube strend could take off (albeit nothing close  to Justin Bieber of Charlie Sheen proportions.) 
      The ultimate of course would be a world championship
      in Hawaii. For now, I'll get my video cam ready with a goal of breaking 10--though I'm not sure the running component of Strend would make for a good viewing.

      --- On Wed, 3/16/11, Matt Bogdanowicz <skate_94538@...> wrote:

      From: Matt Bogdanowicz <skate_94538@...>
      Subject: Re: [STREND] It's Been Awhile
      To: STREND@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 10:47 AM


      Great job Chris,


      I'm mostly running, very little weights, track season is upon me.  My twin girls are due this Saturday!  I'll be very busy going forward, but  Mark was planning a late June STREND.

      I'm 144 on the Richter scale.

      I'll try a version on Friday: 155 bench, +22lbs Pullups, and chins.  90lbs on Military free weight press and + 27lbs on dips and post my numbers. (I'll try and film it and pot it as well) 

      I'm planning on a 7 minute video explaining in detail all disciplines and the difference  between a full rep and partial rep, correct and incorrect form etc) This will be posted on youtube as well.  The dips especially are the area that is in need of the most attention in competition.




      --- On Sun, 3/13/11, Chris <sirchrislele@...> wrote:

      From: Chris <sirchrislele@...>

      Subject: [STREND] It's Been Awhile

      To: STREND@yahoogroups.com

      Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011, 11:00 AM


      Hi everybody,

      It's been awhile since anybody posted. I've taken some time off myself, put on weight (a bit of muscle, plus a little fat.) Anyways, a few weeks ago I started training again. Today, I dusted off the sneakers and headed to the gym.

      At 152 lbs, here are my numbers:

      Incline bench (thought I'd mix it up) 155lbs x 17 reps

      Pull-ups +20lbs = 16 reps

      Military Press: 95 lbs x 26 reps

      Reverse Grip = +20lbs x 18 reps

      Dips +30 x 47 reps

      Total: 124 reps

      2.5 mile run (set course around a lake) : 14:26.

      Hard to say what this works out to be. But it's a quasi-elite level and again there is no one certifying the reps but with a strong run (I've been doing lots of hill running) I think I am at least at a Strend Score 6.

      Anyways, love to hear if anyone else has been knocking out strends. It would be great to have another West Coast Strend some time soon.

      Have a Strend day!

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