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ARM9 programming! Need guidance

Dear All! I am new in ARM programming. I need your guidance as how can i start ARM programming. And which book you people recommend me.. With regards, Muhammad
Nov 9, 2010

ARM920T cache

Hi, I have declared an array say uint8 arr[4000] on the ARM920T in MV Linux.I need to make this array non bufferable and non cacheable using inline Assembly C
sudeep dutt
Nov 13, 2006

help for project

hello friends, well i am satyendra thakur from india, i am an engg student of electro branch. well i am preparing a robot which detect antipersonal landmine.
satyendra thakur
Sep 21, 2006

New STMicroSPEAr Head200

Dear Firends, New STMicroSPEAr Head200 (order code: SPEAR-09-H022) ARM 926, 200K customizable eASICâ„¢ gates, large IP portfolio SoC ... 32 KI - 16 KD cache, 8
Aug 10, 2006

www.gnuarm.com undergoing a few changes

The www.gnuarm.com website is undergoing some hosting changes. In the course of changes some pages will be hosted at www.gnuarm.net. But the main entry URL
Rick Collins
Jul 1, 2006

New device in the ST ARM9 family

I spoke with a disti about the ST ARM9 products and was told that the 946ES is marketed to 100K volume projects. But there is a new one coming out based on
Rick Collins
Oct 27, 2005

Membership Required to Join the Poll

I was not aware that you needed to be a member of the OKI-ARM-mcu group to participate in the poll. This is not what I would prefer, but Yahoo does not allow
Rick Collins
Oct 14, 2005

Poll on compilers used

I just created a poll in the OKI-ARM-mcu group because I am curious about which compilers are used by ARM programmers. I listed every C compilier I could find
Rick Collins
Oct 14, 2005

www.gnuarm.com updated for 4.0.1 Windows and Linux x86_64

GNUARM 4.0.1 for Windows and Linux x86_64 uploaded to http://www.gnuarm.com Some of the other mirrors are getting pretty out of date.
Rick Collins
Sep 3, 2005

Re: High Enrolment

... Do ... I've been looking for cheap and easy ways to attach USB host capabilities to ez80s, and Rabbits, as well as from a company that isn't only
Aug 15, 2005

Re: High performance CPU - was: High enrolment

... you ... That is fast! I like it already. I am also using an Intel PXA255 but I am having a problem getting my brain up to speed. Currently it is running
Aug 14, 2005

High performance CPU - was: High enrolment

... a ... You need to check the link to the web site. There is a prelim sheet and the CPU runs at 192 MHz. This is an ARM9, not an ARM7 toy CPU. It has dual
Rick Collins
Aug 14, 2005

Re: High enrolment

... comment. ... Maybe... Not having seen the datasheet it is hard to tell. I have been looking at maze solving robots. Specifically, I have been looking at
Aug 14, 2005

High enrolment

I have started several ARM groups and this is the highest enrolment for the first week I have ever seen. Most groups only reach this level after a month or
Rick Collins
Aug 13, 2005


Looks nice, a bit overkill for the first application I had in mind, but future might tell otherwise. I was thinking off an advanced motor controll unit. With
Aug 12, 2005
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