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7re: High Enrolment

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  • jdtckr
    Aug 15, 2005
      --- In STMicroSPEAr@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Collins" <gnuarm@a...>
      > <Snip>
      > How about telling us why you are interested in the SPEAR devices?
      > you have an application where the SPEAR would do the job better than
      > anything else?

      I've been looking for cheap and easy ways to attach USB host
      capabilities to ez80s, and Rabbits, as well as from a company that
      isn't only interested in 10K piece customers (e.g., Cypress), and
      have devel/eval kits that don't cost much. Add to that ARM9, and I'm
      interested enough to take a look. I will be interested in seeing how
      STMicro deals with the programmable-logic part of the chip.