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5High performance CPU - was: High enrolment

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  • Rick Collins
    Aug 14, 2005
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      --- In STMicroSPEAr@yahoogroups.com, "rtstofer" <rstofer@p...> wrote:
      > This would be a slick application for a hybrid device but the CPU
      > itself needs to be high performance. Like running the LPC2106 with
      > 60MHz internal clock and executing one instruction per clock.
      > Again, I have no information about the device but it seemed quite
      > interesting. But, it is one thing to develop a CPU/FPGA, it is
      > another to have a FREE toolchain: IDE, compiler, linker, debugger,
      > VHDL/Verilog synthesizer, etc. And, without the FREE toolchain the
      > device doesn't mean a lot to me. We'll see...

      You need to check the link to the web site. There is a prelim sheet
      and the CPU runs at 192 MHz. This is an ARM9, not an ARM7 toy CPU.
      It has dual 8 kB caches as well as dual 8 kB on chip memories. So you
      can run your core code at full speed as well as having cache for the
      external memories.

      But I don't think the programmable logic is FPGA. It sounds like it
      is factory programmable only. I have sent them an email asking for
      more info, but so far I have not received a reply.

      Even if it is factory programmable only, if they make it practical to
      do small quantities, I can see it being widely used in products.
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