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18notes from 10/30/04 meeting

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  • humantraffickingproject
    Nov 13, 2004
      Here's what's new:

      -We have a new member, Nick Coates. I've added him to the contact and
      topic list. He's looking into T and U visas and the 2003 State Dept.
      trafficking report.

      -We will meet next Saturday at 11 a.m. to talk about where we are.

      -PLEASE NOTE: Your write-up on your topic is DUE AT 11 AM on NOV. 20.

      -Don't forget, if you're not able to attend a meeting, let me know.

      -If you're at a dead end on research, also let me know.

      -If you're a 1L and aren't able to participate this semester, that's
      OK. I'll keep you on the mailig list unless you tell me otherwise. I
      know you all have a lot of other stuff going on.

      See you next Saturday.