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17Notes from 10/16/04 meeting

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  • humantraffickingproject
    Nov 13, 2004
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      Hi everyone-

      Thanks for participating in the Human Trafficking Project. There are
      a few things I want to let you know as we're getting started and a
      few things I promised I'd e-mail about. Here they are:

      1. As I said at the beginning of the Oct. 16 meeting, you do not have
      to be a member of the ACLU@STCL to participate in the brief writing
      part of the project. If the Houston ACLU decides to pursue a case
      against those involved in human trafficking, you will have to be a
      member of the ACLU@STCL to continue participating in the Human
      Trafficking Project. Put another way, you do not need to be a member
      to help write the brief, but you must be a member to assist with the
      prosecution of any case that the Houston ACLU may bring.

      To be a member of the ACLU@STCL, you must attend two meetings and
      participate in one project per semester. There are no dues, and you
      are not required to join the national ACLU rganization to be a member
      of our group. If you'd like to sign up, send an e-mail to

      2. The "Trafficking in Persons" pamphlet is available for project
      members only. I would read over it before you start your research. It
      has lots of good background information. It's in a folder on the wall
      outside the ACLU office, room 217. I've put your name on your packet.
      Please take only the one with your name on it. We don't have that

      3. We will meet every Saturday at 11 am in room 6003, next to Emilie
      Slohm on the 6th floor of the library. I'd like to have some kind of
      breakfast food and coffee at the meetings. I think we should take
      turns bringing breakfast. If you're really poor, I understand. But if
      you're willing to bring breakfast to one meeting, let me know.

      4. On our Groups page
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/STCLhumantraffickingproject/), you'll
      find a list of project members, their contact information, and the
      assigned research topics. Select "Databases" from the menu on the
      left, then click on "Contact & Topic List." Please check your
      information and make sure it is correct. If there are mistakes or
      empty spaces, please make corrections. If you need help doing this,
      call me at 281 468 9136.

      5. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please let me know. I'll
      send out an e-mail invitation to each meeting. Please RSVP. That way,
      we'll know how much food we need and, if you can't come, we'll know
      you're just absent and won't wonder whether you've dropped out.

      6. To send a message to the whole group, send an e-mail to
      STCLhumantraffickingproject@.... You can find contact
      information for individual members in the "Contact & Topic List."

      7. When you go to the Contact & Topic List, you'll see who you've
      been assigned to work with. Contact each other and figure out how
      you're going to prepare for next Saturday's meeting.

      8. For next Saturday's meeting, be prepared to discuss the
      statue/law/regulation/whatever you're assigned.

      9. If you're partnered with a 1L, please do not expect too much of
      them. And if they decide they just don't have time to work this
      semester, say OK. We'll keep any 1Ls who want-to-be-involved-but-just-
      can't-find-the-time-this-semester on the list.

      Well, it looks like we have a really good group together. I can't
      wait to get started on this. Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime
      with questions or ideas.

      See you next Saturday!