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Re: [SRD_MUD] Re: Forest Service Proposal for the Delta

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  • jaky smolders
    It sounds like this is all out of the community s hands; thus, now in political swords. How, can us, as thousand acres lovers, keep it as is?.............
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 4, 2007
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      It sounds like this is all out of the community's hands; thus, now in political swords.  How, can us, as thousand acres lovers, keep it as is?.............  Will, the change of:  foreign, gravel, picnic benches, garbages, port o potties, traffic, rebuilding, changing the river sides, currents, and all around and in between, rid of my sights of cranes, bald eagles, fish, frogs, wild flowers, deer, coyote, wild roses and solutide, ........to somthing I, nor us folks whom cherise and respect this area to enjoy?  If this becomes, what i think it will, i will no longer want to go... as is with the cutting of trees for the h2o planes, fine with the planes, yet please replant, for the birds, all wildlife, and the structure of the river.  Please do the change, if must naturally without foreign materials, and make enviroment, wildlife, and original users at the uppoint!!!!!  My point, leave as is and put your money else where!!

      Dina Girgenti-Iida <girgenti@...> wrote:
      If I'm not mistaken, they have to build some mechanism in order to access the "island" because there are power lines on that island that must be maintained. A bridge or some type of means for getting across is in the FS 10 year plan. Those plans as well as a great deal of other information can be found at http://www.fs. fed.us/r6/ columbia/ forest/projects/ SandyRiverDelta. htm
      or you can contact Virginia Kelly (listed on that page) to send you information.
      And remember funding is a huge issue and the Confluence project probably does not have an interest in the damn and the island, therefore funding may not come from them.


      >>> donvoeks@yahoo. com 5/24/2007 6:55 PM >>>
      I have the same concern about the dam. Am I the only one who remembers the "slough" being deep enough for boats to get in from the Columbia, and then moor and stay overnight? Good fishing too. when was the "dam" put in? Does anyone know? If they take it out, will they provide a bridge for those of us who like to walk across the dam to the power lines and beyond to the Columbia---I bet not. I'm not in favor of the division, and those are NOT wetlands, it's just a series of drainage ditches and 2 seasonal ponds the powers that be didn't make deep enough to hold water all year around.


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      Subject: [SRD_MUD] Re: Forest Service Proposal for the Delta

      I love you guys... But the just of the FS case/proposal is to keeping
      users separate ie this side is mine that side is yours. We have just
      seen the short end of the stick I might add! The thought that if we
      pony up supplies and labor for "our" proposal that then they may be
      swayed is admireable.. .but who even me believes that people are going
      to leach our dogs up to cross over the ("bird watcher trail") ;)
      I am more concerned about the removal of the Dam/Dike and other
      attempts (here and everywhere) to return this area to one that fences
      us out and Nature??? IN! Knowing that that is inevitably what some
      people deem best I hope that indeed the SRD_MUD group can negotiate a
      better "deal" for the cooperation of the masses of users that have
      gone years without need or want of improvements period(.)


      --- In SRD_MUD@yahoogroups .com, "Jeff Schuh" <yahtse@...> wrote:
      > In a meeting with a small group of us on May 15th, the Forest
      > proposed plans that were slightly different than what we had been
      > discussing with them.
      > The boundaries and accessibility of these areas were proposed
      partly so
      > that they would be easier (and cheaper) to define. (This had been
      > specifically stated to be the case regarding the wetlands
      > The map in the first link below shows the proposed plan from the
      > Service. The area noted as a "Training Area" had been
      > previously discussed, but apparently eliminated by the Forest
      > per the above reasoning. It is included here as it was clearly
      > discussed in the past.
      > Link to Forest Service Proposal:
      > http://img.villagep hotos.com/ p/2003-9/ 395995/SRD_ map.jpg
      > <http://img.villagep hotos.com/ p/2003-9/ 395995/SRD_ map.jpg>
      > Before commenting on the proposal, we would like to propose an
      > alternative. This alternative would likely require the involvement
      > willingness of SRD_MUD to supply materials, and install the boundary
      > markers, whether fencing, or signage.
      > This proposal would retain much more accessible area for those of
      us who
      > currently use the delta, and provide space for a loop parallel to,
      > separate from the confluence trail.
      > Link to SRD_MUD Proposal:
      > http://img.villagep hotos.com/ p/2003-9/ 395995/SRD_ map_Alt.jpg
      > <http://img.villagep hotos.com/ p/2003-9/ 395995/SRD_ map_Alt.jpg>
      > Please review these proposals. We can discuss our alternate
      proposal as
      > best we can on this forum before we officially propose it, or*
      > Review the maps, and submit your comments directly to the forest
      > at:
      > sandyriverdelta@ ...
      > <Mailto:sandyriverd elta@...>
      > The Forest Service has not yet seen the alternative proposal, but
      > free to use it as a basis for your comments.

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