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Re: [SQLQueriesNoCode] Re: People say MERGE can UPSERT but not clear to me

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      Hmm this is an interesting command. I have not come across it before.

      I had a look at this link:
      and came up with this small sample below.
      Basically you take your parameters and "put" them into a table in the Using

      --Begin SQL code
      IF OBJECT_ID('Users') IS NOT NULL DROP table Users;
      IF OBJECT_ID('MergeUsers') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC MergeUsers;

      Create table Users (ID int, Name varchar(50));

      Insert into Users values (1, 'Anton');
      Insert into Users values (2, 'Andre');

      create proc MergeUsers (@p_ID int, @p_Name varchar(50))
      Merge into Users as Target
      Using (Select @p_ID , @p_Name) as Source (Id, Name)
      On (Target.Id = Source.ID)
      When Matched then
      Update Set Name = @p_Name
      When not Matched then
      Insert (ID, Name)
      Values (source.ID, Source.Name);


      Select * from Users

      exec MergeUsers 1, 'Rudolf';
      exec MergeUsers 3, 'Paul'

      Select * from Users

      Drop table Users
      Drop proc MergeUsers
      --End SQL code

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