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MODERATOR of group: Asp.net Architect/Team Leader/Lead Coder available 1st week of Sept.

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  • Charles Carroll
    My resume in word or PDF is @ http://www.learnasp.com/resume My last 2 consulting assignments (6 months and 3 months) reference contacts (phone # and email)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
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      My resume in word or PDF is @ http://www.learnasp.com/resume
      My last 2 consulting assignments (6 months and 3 months) reference
      contacts (phone # and email) are available upon request. I would
      emphasize I am looking for a permanent job, but will accept consulting
      en route to permanent employment.

      I am hoping to arrange face to face or phone interviews as soon as
      possible as I am available the first week of September. I will accept
      a permanent offer that week or a "consult to potentially hire offer"
      at that date.

      I am a great fit for most lead coder, team leader and architect
      requirements with over 20 years of experience. I have been an
      architect of applications in ASP.net since before Beta 1 in C# and
      VB.net when Mark Anders and Scott Guthrie (Microsoft employees who
      invented ASP.net) gave me an alpha copy of ASP.net months before they
      showed the betas to anyone - back when C# did not have a name, and
      they named it "Cool". Before .net for 15 years I coded in many
      languages and software libraries ranging from VB to C++ to Xbase and
      some ultra obscure languages as well. I bring code samples to my
      interviews along with documentation samples from my several years of
      documentation work for the mainframe stream scraping library Mitemview
      and training manuals for software and programming languages. Of course
      converting ASP projects to ASP.net incrementally or in one big project
      fit my skills well.

      My salary requirements are high -- over 100k (or $75/hour as a
      consultant) - compared to the plethora/glut of dotcom developers on
      the market. What distinguishes me is my reputation among past
      employers for over 2 decades is that I accomplish "miracles" and
      reduce expenses and raise revenues far beyond my costs. I always
      complete tasks to quality standards, achieve high speed benchmarks for
      database queries and code, and pride myself on an attention to "User
      Friendliness" accomplishments that previous coders and follow-up
      employees could not duplicate. My range of skills and industry
      contacts reduces the size and time commitment requirements of an
      in-house team on multiple projects, and reduces the expenses that
      projects costs over it's life cycle. I do lead teams and have
      presentation skills (useful for gathering client requirements, and
      presenting to client and management). When choosing between several
      jobs, the money paid does not factor as high as the work involved:
      coding with CMS/Portal frameworks (Sharepoint, DotNetNuke, etc.) or
      extremely difficult complex assignments with unusual software and
      hardware where my predecessors failed, intrigue me more than other
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