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4886Base 64 to Text Cast Error

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  • Charles Carroll
    Mar 10 7:02 AM
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      Thanks to Eric Kestler for his help 2 weeks ago.

      the cast gives me the error:

      DP.docpage is a text field what should I cast it to so the below expression likes it?

      select top 1000
             ,CAST(CAST(N'' AS XML).value('xs:base64Binary(DP.DocPage)', 'VARBINARY(MAX)') AS VARCHAR(MAX)) ASCIIEncoding
             from DocPages DP
             inner join Documents D on DP.DocPageId=D.DocId
             --inner join Sites S
             --on D.OriginSite_id=S.Site_Code
             inner join NavSystems NS on D.OriginSite_ID=NS.OriginSite_ID
             inner join Navigation N on NS.NavSysID=N.NavSys_ID


      The cast below works with a hard coded text value:


              CAST(N'' AS XML).value(


                , 'VARBINARY(MAX)'


              AS VARCHAR(MAX)

          )   ASCIIEncoding
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