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281Re: [SQLQueriesNoCode] Re: selecting a multi-row result as part of a select

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  • Michael Gerholdt
    Jul 3, 2003
      > The way I understand your question the part of you query that is
      > giving you problems in the subquery with the alias "Description" that
      > is in you main SELECT statement. This subquery may return up to 6
      > rows with scrtext_text for a given combination of ssbsect_subj_code,
      > ssbsect_crse_numb, and scrtext_eff_term.


      > Assuming, for dicussion purposes, that the subquery returns 6 rows,
      > would you prefer
      > 1. That the final result set have 6 rows, one for each of the rows
      > returned by the subquery, or
      > 2. That the final result set have 1 row, with the six values of
      > scrtext_text concatenated into a single string?

      The latter is exactly what I'm after. And the text has to be ordered by the
      sequence number, which may be a problem.

      I may have to write a function that does this and select the function,
      passing it course number and section.
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