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Update on Mor Gabriel Monastery dispute

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  • drthomas_joseph
    Shlomo to all of you, We thought it was appropriate to update you all in relation to the St Gabriel Monastery dispute in Tur Abdin, Turkey. I have just spoken
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      Shlomo to all of you,

      We thought it was appropriate to update you all in relation to the
      St Gabriel Monastery dispute in Tur Abdin, Turkey.

      I have just spoken with Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) President
      Johny Messo who is currently in Tur Abdin, Turkey. As many of you
      are aware, he has made a special trip over to our Syriac Aramean
      homeland in order to campaign to protect our position, particularly
      in relation to St Gabriel Monastery.

      Johny has just updated me with the most current news on the trials
      in Midyat. This relates to the initial appeals trial held on Monday
      12 January 2009 and the current appeals trial which was held today
      on 16 January 2009.

      In a strategic move by our lawyers, we have successfully postponed
      both trials to February 11, 2009. This move was initiated by our
      legal team in order to consolidate all three trials into one (the
      other trial of 31 December 2009 was also postponed to 11 February,

      Therefore, we have all three trials now taking place on this new
      date, which is a significant victory for our team. As you are all
      aware, the three trials are as follows:

      1. The first court appeals proceeding was initiated by the Monastery
      regarding its boundaries with the villages of Yayvantepe and Eglence.

      2. The second court appeals proceeding was also initiated by the
      Monastery against the Forestry in order to restore its property
      which is within the outer wall of the Monastery; and

      3. The third trial relates to the Turkish prosecutor, who had begun
      a Court proceeding against the Monastery and its people making a
      number of fallacious claims about our practices in the Monastery.

      We at the SUA are continuing with the pressure against the Turkish
      government to drop the cases and return the Monastery Boundary lines
      to those which have always held true. Our defence team are gathering
      and providing more documents to the court and will continue to need
      all of our help in this fight against injustice and discrimination.

      We again thank our President Johny Messo, who has met with several
      Parliamentary Leaders, Ambassadors, EU Politicians and Religious
      Leaders over the past few weeks. He is continuing the pressure
      against this injustice.

      The SUA will continue with this fight and we ask for your support
      moving forward. We will provide a further update next week on this
      issue and we are looking at further strategic ways we can stop the
      human rights and property rights abuses being exercised against our
      Syriac Aramean people. We will attend the 11 February trial and will
      work towards defending our posiion in the coming weeks.

      God bless you all and thanks for your support!!

      BTW, if anyone wants a copy of the SUA report into the St Gabriel
      Monastery Dispute then please send me a separate message with your
      email and I will try to send it to you.

      SUA President – Johny Messo
      SUA Human Rights and NGO Director – Daniel Gabriel
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