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Archbishop H.E. Mor Theethose Yeldo's Condolences

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  • drthomas_joseph
    About Mor Julios Yeshu Cicek of Blessed Memory (Posted in the SOCM-Forum) Dear All, By this time you might have known the sad demise of our beloved brother in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2005
      About Mor Julios Yeshu Cicek of Blessed Memory
      (Posted in the SOCM-Forum)

      Dear All,

      By this time you might have known the sad demise of our beloved
      brother in Christ, Mor Julios Yeshu Cicek, Metropolitan of Middle
      Europe. The Syrian Orthodox Church in India cannot forget this pious
      Metropolitan who visited India several times and blessed our
      faithful people in Malankara. He had great appreciation for the
      Church in India and it is through his generous assistance that we
      could establish our Theological Seminary in Mulanthuruthy. His vision
      for the Ministry is well demonstrated through his achievements in
      the growth of the Syrian Orthodox Church throughout the European
      Countries. Being the first Archbishop for Europe, he had to struggle
      a lot in organizing our parishes in different parts of the country.
      If we look at the St. Ephrem Monastery in Holland and the St. Augin
      Monastery in Switzerland, we can see the leadership he gave to bring-
      up the youth and children of our Church in the true Faith and

      My personal experience with His Eminence starts in 1982, while he was
      accompanying His Holiness the Patriarch in his Apostolic visit to
      India. Being a candidate for the diaconate, I was introduced to His
      Eminence at that time. The next several encounters with His Eminence
      were at the St. Ephrem Patriarchal Seminary in Damascus, while I was
      a student there. He used to visit the Seminary every now and then.
      The students were very happy at his visits because he used to bring
      gifts to each student. He used to show the list of books published by
      him and to ask us to select any one of them as a free gift. (Some of
      them were very expensive- even over $100). He used to ask the
      students about their ambitions. I still remember his questions, "
      Who wants to become a monk and who wants to become a Kassiso
      (married priest)?". He encouraged several students to seek the life
      of a monk. He loved all Seminarians whether they are in Damascus
      or in India or In Holland or In Germany or in Swiss.

      During my studies in the United States, H.E invited me to visit our
      Monasteries and Churches in Europe. I remember with gratitude the
      happy and pleasant experiences I had at our Monasteries in Holland,
      in Germany and in Swiss. In fact, I have learned to speak in Syriac,
      mainly during my stay at these Monasteries. The important thing I
      noticed with Mor Julios is his prayer life and his hard-working
      nature. If he is present in the Monastery, he would be at the Chapel
      for every Prayer Services. And at the other times, he would be busy
      with his publishing work or with the Archdiocesan work in his room.
      He has published quite a lot of books from our Seminary in Holland.
      Once I asked His Eminence why he is working so hard, he smiled and
      replied, "If you are not working, you are not eligible to eat". A
      simple truth that God has stated in the Garden of Eden!

      The final meeting with His Eminence was at Damascus, few days after
      my Consecration as Metropolitan. He was so sad for being unable to
      attend my Consecration (He was present when I became a Ramban in
      1998). To me, he remains as a guide in showing me that the position
      of a Bishop is a calling to work harder for the Church and the
      people and not to enjoy a luxurious life.

      We express our deepest condolence at the demise of our beloved
      spiritual father. May God give rest to his soul in the bosom of
      Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob.

      + Theethose Thirumeni

      Archbishop of the Malankara Archdiocese of
      Syriac Orthodox Church in North America
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