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Mourning the loss of a great shepherd

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  • drthomas_joseph
    The first Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Central Europe, H.E. Mor Yulius Yeshu` Çiçek (63) passed away early in the morning today, while on a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2005
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      The first Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Central
      Europe, H.E. Mor Yulius Yeshu` Çiçek (63) passed away early in the
      morning today, while on a visit to Germany. His Eminence was
      consecrated Metropolitan of Central Europe in 1979 and was among the
      senior-most bishops of the Church. In the 1970s when Christians
      found it impossible to continue in their ancient homeland in South
      East Turkey and emigrated to Europe enmass, it was Mor Yulius Çiçek
      who shepherded the community in Europe and organized the
      archdiocese. During the twenty-six years of his archbishopric, the
      Church in Europe achieved remarkable growth.

      Due to his efforts, the Church now has three large monasteries in
      Europe--at Losser, near Enschede in the Netherlands, in Arth,
      Switzerland, and in Warburg, Germany. Several parishes were formed
      throughout Europe--nearly 50 in Germany and several others in the
      Netherlands, in Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, England and
      France, among others. In the monasteries he founded, Mor Yulius
      established monastic schools which trained the clergy and faithful
      in the new diaspora in the traditions of the Church.

      Mor Yulius made very significant scholarly contributions to the
      Church through the Bar Hebraeus Publishing House at Losser which
      published about 100 books related to the Syriac Orthodox liturgy,
      Bible, history, etc., in Syriac and in European languages, as well
      as periodicals such as the "Kolo Suryoyo". His Eminence was also an
      eminent calligrapher who continued the ancient Syriac Orthodox
      tradition of liturgical manuscript production as a monastic vocation.

      Mor Yulius was an effective ambassador of the church to the European
      Churches. He participated in Ecumenical dialogues with the Catholic
      Church at the Pro Oriente and accompanied HH Patriarch during his
      historic visit to Rome in 1984, where the Joint Declaration with
      Pope John Paul II was signed. He participated in the Pro-Oriente
      dialogues with the Catholic Church. The strong relationships with
      churches and governments in Europe came to be of much benefit for
      the Syriac Orthodox Church. Syriac is today recognized as a language
      included in the approved list of languages that can be taught in
      schools in countries Sweden and in Austria.

      Mor Çiçek is a Syriac father that Malankara can never forget. During
      times of hardship for the faithful in Malankara Mor Çiçek visited
      them many many times to offer succour and strength. His Eminence can
      be considered the founding father of the Theological Seminary of the
      Church that now flourishes in Udayagiri. He contributed about Rs. 40
      lakhs--the largest contribution that made the founding of the
      seminary possible in 1988. He continued to take much interest in the
      growth of this institution till his end. The Church in Malankara
      will be indebted to him forever.

      Despite his strenuous schedule, Mor Yulius always found time to stay
      abreast of the struggles of the faithful in Malankara. He was a
      regular reader of the Syrian Orthodox Church-Malankara Forum (SOCM-
      Forum). Many from Malankara, both clergy and laity, were warmly
      received by His Eminence at his monastery in Holland. His Eminence
      maintained warm relationships with many late and current bishops of
      the Church in Malankara including late Catholicos Mor Baselius
      Paulose II and the present Catholicos H.B. Mor Baselius Thomas I.

      In the untimely passing away of this great luminary, the faithful of
      the Syriac Orthodox diaspora in Europe, in Malankara and all over
      the world have indeed lost a true shepherd.


      "l-kohnayk aneeH baynoth keené bro daloho
      b-hoy malkootho d-lo meshtaryo ‛am qadeeshé."

      "O Son of God, grant rest to the priests among the just
      in that indestructible kingdom, with the holy ones."


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