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Jacobite (SOC) faction severs all ties with Indian Orthodox Church

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jacobite faction severs all ties with Orthodox Church Tuesday September 28 2004 10:37 IST KOCHI: Leaving a historic stamp on the visit of Patriarch of Antioch
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2004
      Jacobite faction severs all ties with Orthodox Church
      Tuesday September 28 2004 10:37 IST

      KOCHI: Leaving a historic stamp on the visit of Patriarch of Antioch
      Ignatius Zakka I, the Mulanthuruthy Synod today officially declared
      the total
      severing of ties with the Orthodox Church, thus completing the
      division of the
      Malankara Syrian Church.

      The Jacobite Syrian Christian Association meeting held at
      Mulanthuruthy also
      decided to recover all properties and churches from the Metropolitans
      who had
      left the Patriarch faction to join the Orthodox Church.

      The meeting declared that those who had raised allegations against
      the visit of
      the Patriarch of Antioch would be treated as having left the
      Malankara Church.

      The Synod urged the Government to convene a meeting of the diocese
      members of the disputed churches and to hold a plebiscite after which
      these churches should be handed over to the majority faction. Or
      else, the Government should make alternative arrangements for the
      devotees to conduct religious rites, it said.

      The meeting also declared that the Metropolitans or Catholicos did
      not have any
      claim over the properties of these churches and that they belonged to
      members of those churches. The administration of these churches
      should be
      conducted according to the Constitution of the Jacobite Church,
      prepared in

      It also said the Government should take the initiative to remove the
      from some of the churches, which are still loyal to the Metropolitans
      who left
      the Syrian Churches. The Aluva Thrikunnathu Church, where Paulose Mor
      Athanasious was buried, should be opened to the devotees.

      Patriarch of Antioch Mar Iganathios Zakka I, who delivered the
      address, said that the Mulanthuruthy church should be called as the
      Jerusalem of
      India in view of the church becoming a holy place with the second
      synod also
      being held at that place. The Malankara Syrian Church had proved that
      it could
      continue its democracy and tradition.

      The Patriarch urged the devotees to continue the tradition of the
      church and
      become a role model for other churches. All the Metropolitans and
      clergy should
      abide by the Constitution on all church matters, he said.

      The resolution of faith and allegiance was delivered by Paulose
      Parathuvayalil; Jacobite Syrian Christian Church - 1876 to 2004 - a
      Review by
      Joseph Mor Gregoriose Metropolitan, submission of letter of tribute
      by Youhanon
      Mor Milithiose Metropolitan and key note address by Baseliose Thomas I
      Catholicose. Thampu George Thuakalan was conferred the `Baretho
      Maheero' title for his service to the Malankara Church.


      Orthodox faction a breakaway group'
      By Our Staff Reporter
      KOCHI, SEPT. 27. A meeting of the Church Association of the Jacobite
      Syrian Church held at the Marthoman church, Mulanthuruthy, on Monday
      declared that the Orthodox group of the Malankara Church was a
      breakaway faction without any claim to Apostolic succession or
      The declaration formalises a split in the Malankara Church that has
      seen faction feuds for over a century on questions of supremacy and
      inheritance of the apostolic traditions.
      The meeting took place at Mulanthuruthy, near here, which also hosted
      the first Malankara Association in 1876. It was attended by 3,582
      representatives from the Jacobite Church. The Patriarch of Antioch
      and all the East and head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church,
      Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, presided.
      The 18 resolutions adopted by the Association were read out by Joseph
      Mar Gregorios.
      Hand of friendship
      While formally bidding goodbye to the Orthodox faction, the
      Association also extended a hand of friendship in Resolution 16. It
      said that the See of Antioch was ready to recognise the Orthodox
      faction as a sister Church if the latter relinquished its claims to
      churches now under the Patriarchal faction and, in the spirit of
      Christian charity, gave up pursuing court cases to create an
      atmosphere of friendship.
      Resolution 10 claimed that the Supreme Court had rejected the
      Orthodox faction's claim that it was autocephalous - a Church on its
      own. However, the faction continued to stick to its claim to being an
      independent Church and hence, it is declared that the Orthodox group
      is a breakaway faction.
      Resolution 11 appealed to the State Government for help in creating
      an atmosphere in which priests loyal to the See of Antioch could be
      appointed in churches which were currently under priests owing
      allegiance to metropolitans of the Orthodox faction.
      Resolution 13 reiterated that the group led by Baselius Mar Thoma
      Mathews II, which had questioned the visit of the Patriarch of
      Antioch and continued to reject the supremacy of the Patriarch was
      just a faction that had broken away from the mother Church.
      The synod also reiterated that neither the Catholicos nor the
      metropolitans had any right over the property of the parish churches.
      The right over them rested with the public committees formed as per
      the laws governing the parishes.
      Resolution 14 said that churches that were now closed owing to the
      faction feud should be opened for worship to both the groups. In case
      of a dispute over this or church property, mediation of the
      Government should be sought to hand over the administration to the
      group enjoying the majority support in the church.

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