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  • George Kiraz
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      > >>ECUMENICAL Theological Research FRATERNITY
      > >>in Israel
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      > >>President: Prof. Fr. Marcel Dubois OP ~ Executive Secretary: Rev. Petra
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      > >>Dear Friends of the Mar Efrem School,
      > >>
      > >>Thank you for your prayers. It is with sadness that we confirm the death
      > >>of Ghassan Azjzeh, together with at least two other men, on Friday March
      > >>23 in Bethlehem. Ghassan was the Syrian Orthodox Christian architect
      > >>involved in the restoration of the Mar Efrem Syrian Orthodox Public
      > >>School located in Beit Jalla, on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Three male
      > >>adults were also wounded in the incident and they are at present
      > >>hospitalized. These were all Christians, from both the Syrian Orthodox
      > >>community and from a Catholic family of Beit Jalla. According to the
      > >>reports which we have received, a one and a half-year-old Muslim boy
      > >>suffered the loss of both of his legs in this tragedy.
      > >>
      > >>The incident has been reported as both a traffic accident as well as an
      > >>assassination. Both stories have been received from locals in Bethlehem.
      > >>Some report shots having been fired by a passing car which then drove at
      > >>very high speed into the group of people mentioned above. The identity
      > >>the driver seems to be known, and is placed as a member of a
      > >>militia-group located in one of the refugee camps on the outskirts of
      > >>Bethlehem. Other reports speak of a tragic road accident and do not seem
      > >>to know the identity of the driver. Ghassan's funeral was conducted by
      > >>the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Severios in the presence of the Syrian
      > >>Orthodox community of St. Mary's Church. PA television covered the
      > >>
      > >>Ghassan was a professional architect-planner 40 years of age, father of
      > >>children, one of which was a newborn. He lived in the neighbourhood of
      > >>Beit Safafa, an Arab village in south Jerusalem. His expertise was
      > >>respected by both Arabs and Jews in this country, a fact which is
      > >>reflected by his great success in his work. Ghassan was one of those in
      > >>the local Christian community who was able to lead a higher standard of
      > >>living than prior generations, thanks to his hard work, ingenuity and
      > >>genuine desire to further the influence and position of his community in
      > >>this country.
      > >>
      > >>The final reason for this tragedy has not been determined. As the
      > >>architect for the Mar Efrem school, Ghassan was certainly much involved
      > >>in the project, although not necessarily to a greater extent than other
      > >>members of the active school committee.
      > >>
      > >>Ghassan leaves a wife and two children. They are very grateful for the
      > >>comfort and prayers of both the local and international Christian
      > >>communities. We extend to them your condolences and the confirmation
      > >>they are not alone, that there are a multitude of those who are standing
      > >>with them in this difficult time.
      > >>
      > >>A time of mourning has been declared and work on the Mar Efrem School is
      > >>temporarily suspended. In the midst of this tragedy we trust that our
      > >>Lord will soon, once again make His sun shine on His people. We continue
      > >>to trust in Him who promises to make the Valley of Achor a door of hope
      > >>(Hosea 2:15).
      > >>
      > >>Rev. Petra Heldt
      > >>Executive Secretary ETRFI
      > >>
      > >
      > >Eric M. Meyers, Bernice and Morton Lerner Professor
      > >Department of Religion
      > >PO Box 90964
      > >Duke University
      > >Durham, NC 27708-0964
      > >Phone: 919,660-3517; fax:919,660-3530
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