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  • George Kiraz
    Dear SOR members, tomorrow, Feb 22, is the trial of Fr. Aziz Akbulut, vicar of St. Mary s Syriac Orthodox Church of Diarbakir, Turkey. Fr. Akbulut is convicted
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2001
      Dear SOR members, tomorrow, Feb 22, is the trial of Fr. Aziz Akbulut, vicar of St. Mary's Syriac Orthodox Church of Diarbakir, Turkey. Fr. Akbulut is convicted of "provoking and inciting people to hatred and enmity by referring to religious, racial, sectarian and regional differences" (§312 TCG of Turkey's law).
      The accusations followed comments made by Fr. Akbulut to the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. Asked about the events of 1915, when thousands of Christians were killed, Fr. Akbulut commented that not only Armenians were killed but also Suryanis. The newspaper published an article titled "The Traitor amongst us", which was followed by the arrest of Fr. Akbulut.
      A group in Germany has developed the web site http://www.priest-akbulut.de where they intend to publish the latest on the trial.
      Please keep Fr. Akbulut in your prayers. Our Church has suffered much in that region, especially since the turn of the century.
      George Kiraz
      George A. Kiraz, Ph.D.
      Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute
      Read Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies: http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye
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      Datum: den 21 februari 2001 01:38
      Ämne: www.priest-akbulut.de


      Werte Freunde;

      An diesem Donnerstag, den 22. Februar 2001, wird die Verhandlung gegen Priester Akbulut
      Unter der Adresse der folgenden Homepage findet sich Informationsmaterial über den bisherigen
      Verlauf und
      die Hintergründe des Falls:

      Für weitere Infos, Anregung und Kritik sind wir dankbar:
      Tuma Elitok
      Isa Tozman

      Dear Friends;

      On this thursday, the 22nd of February 2001 the trial against priest Akbulut will be continued.
      This homepage reminds you on the development and background of the case:


      We are gratefull for any information, suggestion and critique:
      Tuma Elitok
      Isa Tozman

      Shlomo Habibe;

      Bjaumo d`Hamsho dothe,22 da sh`bot 2001 methdin Kashisho Akbulut.
      Hothe beth-fnitho mhaujo shushoto u medem d`kojem bothre dagsordino:


      Mtaudenan lchun lkul melo hatho aw ddurosho:
      Tuma Elitok
      Isa Tozman

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