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[SORForum] Re: Sign of the Cross

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  • George Kiraz
    From http://www.netadventure.com/~soc/Intro/index.html The sign of the cross is made with the right hand. The thumb, first finger and second finger are
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      From http://www.netadventure.com/~soc/Intro/index.html

      "The sign of the cross is made with the right hand. The thumb, first finger
      and second finger are brought together and the first finger is extended
      further than the thumb and second finger, indicating that Christ is the One
      and Only Savior. The sign of the cross is drawn starting from the forehead,
      down to the breast and then from the left to the right shoulder. This
      tradition symbolizes that the Lord Christ, came down to earth from the
      heights, and redeemed our earthly body from the gloomy paths of darkness
      (left), to the paths of truth and light (right)."

      I hope this helps...


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      > Is the Holy Sign of the Cross as practiced by Syrian Orthodox like the
      > standard Orthodox practice (i.e., from forehead to breast and from
      > right shoulder to left) and with the same position of fingers? I know
      > that there are at least three different ways of making the Sign of the
      > Cross: Orthodox, Catholic, and Armenian. Which way does the Syrian
      > Orthodox Church follow, and what is the basis (i.e. scriptural or
      > patristic) for this practice if it is different from the standard
      > Orthodox (Greek, Russian) practice. Also, I pray for the preservation
      > of the Syrian Orthodox Church under hostile governments. "Lord, save
      > Thy people and bless Thine inheritance. Grant victory to the Orthodox
      > Christians over their adversaries, and by the virtue of Thy Cross,
      > preserve Thy habitation. Amen." Thank you very much, and may God Bless
      > You! Timothy, unworthy servant of God, member of the Holy Orthodox
      > Church.
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