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Doctoral research fellowship in Syriac Studies

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  • Thomas Joseph
    The following was posted on the Hugoye list. Thomas Joseph, Ph.D. Web Master, SOR (http://sor.cua.edu) Tech Editor, Hugoye (http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye/)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2002
      The following was posted on the Hugoye list.

      Thomas Joseph, Ph.D.
      Web Master, SOR (http://sor.cua.edu)
      Tech Editor, Hugoye (http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye/)

      Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:22:13 +0100
      From: "Bas ter Haar Romeny" <romeny@...>
      Subject: vacancy: doctoral research fellow in syriac studies

      Vacancy at Leiden University


      The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and Leiden
      University have decided to finance a major research programme on Syriac
      Christianity, entitled The Formation of a Communal Identity among West
      Syrian Christians (451-1300). The programme is among the last 14 recipients
      of a $1m PIONIER grant from NWO.

      Among the Christians who did not accept the decisions of the Council of
      Chalcedon (451), the group now known as West Syrians (or Syrian Orthodox)
      were probably least likely to form a national or ethnic community. Yet a
      group emerged with its own distinctive literature and art, its own network
      and historical consciousness. In an intricate process of adoption and
      rejection, the West Syrians selected elements from the cultures to which
      they were heirs and from those with which they came into contact, thus
      defining a position of their own. The new five-year research programme will
      investigate this process of identity formation.

      The programme consists of three projects. The project 'West Syrian Mural
      Paintings' will approach the issue from an art-historical point of view, the
      project 'Michael the Syrian and his Sources' will investigate the role of
      historiography, and the project 'Two Syrian Orthodox Exegetical Collections'
      will deal with the contribution of two important exegetical collections to
      identity formation. Considerable sections of these collections will also be
      edited and translated. The oldest of the two is the London Collection
      (seventh or eighth century), which unites the opinions of various, mainly
      Greek, exegetes, and poses the question of the attitude of the Syrian
      Orthodox towards Greek learning. The second collection is that of the monk
      Simon (end of the ninth century; better known as the Catena Severi). This
      work combines the early Syriac interpretation from before the split with the
      explanations of Jacob of Edessa and other Syrian Orthodox authors, thus
      illustrating continuity and change in biblical interpretation and doctrine.

      The two PhD students who will be involved in this programme will be
      appointed by Leiden University as research assistants for a period of four
      years. The position of a research assistant in the project 'Two Syrian
      Orthodox Exegetical Collections' is still vacant. We are looking for an
      excellent student who has an MA in Religious Studies or Semitic Languages
      (or will graduate soon), and has a good knowledge of Syriac and Greek.

      The salary ranges from 1501 euro per month during the first year to 2143
      euro per month during the fourth year.

      Those interested in this position and those who wish to mention candidates
      are kindly requested to contact the programme director, Dr Bas ter Haar
      Romeny (romeny@...), as soon as possible, preferably before 7
      December 2002. He will be glad to provide further information, as well as
      details with regard to the application procedure. He is also available at
      the Toronto AAR/SBL conference and CSSS Symposium this weekend.

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