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The shalmootho of the Holy Mor Gregorius of Parumala

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  • drthomas_joseph
    On the occasion of the 100th dukhrono of the Holy Mor Gregorius of Parumala, I present a translation of his shalmootho (oath of obedience) to Patriarch Peter
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      On the occasion of the 100th dukhrono of the Holy Mor Gregorius of
      Parumala, I present a translation of his shalmootho (oath of
      obedience) to Patriarch Peter who consecrated him at Parur St. Thomas
      Church on December 16, 1876 at


      This document was executed as a legal document by the saint and was
      later produced as evidence in the Seminary litigation. The
      translation attempts to be as faithful as possible to the original
      even though the long sentences in the original are rather tedious. I
      would appreciate any feedback on the translation including
      corrections, suggestions to improve accuracy, etc.

      Thomas Joseph, Ph.D.
      Web Master, SOR (http://sor.cua.edu)
      Tech. Editor, Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies


      The shalmootho of the Holy Mor Gregorius of Parumala
      Submitted to H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Peter III of Antioch & All the
      At his consecration as Metropolitan

      In the name of the Father, Son and the Living Holy Spirit, the One
      True Living God, I, the weak and sinful Chathuruthil Geewargis
      Dayaroyo of Kochi Kanayannur Kovilakam precincts of Kanayannoor at
      Mulanthuruthy-muriyil, ministering at the Church of Mulanthuruthy,
      residing at Parur East Church, in trust, fully according to my own
      will, gladness and contentment, write this declaration binding on

      1. Before the Almighty Living God, before His holy angels, and before
      this altar—the Holy of Holies of God's Mysteries, and before the
      holiness of the primal head of Syrians in the four quarters of East
      India and Malayalam reigning on the Apostolic Throne of Antioch,
      Patros the Third, our blessed father and God's High Priest Patriarch
      Moran Mor Ignatius, I pledge thus:

      2. May God our Creator give Your Holiness long life and protect your

      3. Before the reverend priests, before all races and before the
      Honorable British Travancore Cochin Government, I pledge as stated

      4. My weak self proclaims the mystery of our faith. Again, before God
      I confess faithfully that I accept and honor the Holy Fathers who
      proclaimed to us and taught us the perfect faith that is firmly
      founded on the faith of all the Prophets, of the pure Apostles and of
      the three Holy Synods.

      5. Before all, I accept the twelve Apostles, the four Evangelists
      Matay, Markos, Lukos, and Yohannan and the blessed and great mason
      Apostle Paulos who provided a foundation for the Holy Universal

      6. I accept the fiery Mor Ignatios, Diwanasios, Athanasios, Yulius,
      Kurilos, Baselios, Gregorios, Dioscoros, Severios, Timotheos,
      Philexinos, Antimos, the great one among the elect Mor Barsawmo and
      all the malpans (teachers) like them who have arisen and are to arise
      in the God's Holy Syrian Church. It is just that I abide in obedience
      at all times, as I am indebted, to the high priesthood of the
      Honorable Patros the Third, Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatios, who is
      firmly seated in Apostolic faith on the Apostolic Throne of Antioch,
      as the primordial Patriarch of the Syrians of Antioch and all the
      East including India and Malayalam. At all times I will abide in
      obedience to you accepting your commandments. I will never ever
      deviate, less or more, left or right, from your words, canonical
      decisions, firm commandments and ways. I fully agree that this pledge
      of mine is true to the pledges of our father Abraham, Is-haaq, and

      7. As is said "In vain you take and in vain you give," except for
      ordaining those are qualified as required by the canon, I will,
      never, at no time, ordain any one taking any reward, appoint an
      unmarried priest to administer a church, ordain a deacon who has
      married a widow, and accept, agree to accept, or permit or encourage
      anyone to accept a priest who after ordination marries a widow or any
      one who marries after ordination, ordain anyone who has not come
      forward justly without deceit and guile, ordain anyone without
      inquiry and testing, accept in any way, permit or agree to accept
      anyone who has been accursed or excommunicated by the Holy Fathers of
      Antioch, commune or dialogue in any way with any of them, ordain
      anyone outside the jurisdiction that I am appointed over, accept
      anyone coming from other jurisdictions in any manner without inquiry
      and confirmation that such persons are just, orderly, and mature into
      churches in my jurisdiction, offer or permit anyone to offer any
      spiritual and religious services, respond to any difficulties,
      persecution or disappointments from people of other faiths with
      anything other than the suffering for our faith, disobey any
      commandment from the Holy Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatios of Antioch to
      go or arrive at any place at any time even if weakened by illness or
      by age or anything else, or do anything that my ordination I have
      accepted or will accept permits, such as a chastised metropolitan
      consecrating another metropolitan, or other deeds, or behave contrary
      to the declarations, rules and decisions of the canon especially
      highlighted in this declaration. If indeed I commit these I wholly
      believe that I will be accursed, execrated and excommunicated from
      that moment like anyone who does such deeds, or accepts them. When
      Korah, Dathan and Abirom offered incense, God's wrath fell upon
      them. I believe that the earth split opened its mouth and consumed
      them and incinerated their priests. May God prohibit me from such

      8. My weak selves will never, at any day, violate the decisions,
      rules, and canon laws particularly noted in this declaration as well
      as those omitted from this declaration for brevity but stated here as
      the many other canon laws, decisions, rules, practices, and customs
      of the Jacobite Syrians, any commandments of Your Holiness or those
      of the Patriarchs who will be in this position over the times
      publicly or in private, and conduct or encourage, do or persuade to
      do, speak or incite speech, help or promote, agree or persuade any
      conduct, deeds or speech, in opposition to or disapproval to such
      commandments, and never detract from or depart from these
      commandments or oppose or be silent and never join other ways opposed
      to the faith of the Jacobite Syrians or do anything or accept
      anything opposed to the customs of our Syrian Church, or ever believe
      in any doctrine contrary to those of the three Holy Synods. If indeed
      I do, as were Satan and Cain cursed by God, I will be accursed and
      execrated from the mouths of God, the head of the Apostles, Apostle
      Patros, and his eleven brothers, the Apostles of our Lord Meshiha,
      the fiery Mor Ignatios, the holy fathers who participated in the
      three Holy Synods, the perfect malpans (teachers) who were given
      breath by the Holy Spirit, the authority equivalent to Apostle Patros
      and the steward of the truth of our Lord Meshiha, Patros the Third
      the exalted Moran Mor Ignatios Patriarch and all the high priests who
      will succeed him on the Apostolic throne of Antioch and in addition
      will be separated from God's Holy Church and the communion of the
      Holy Mysteries and removed and distanced from the blessings and
      positions I have received and stripped of the white robes of high
      priesthood. May God's wrath be upon me!

      9. Again, for the judgment according to the righteous judgements of
      the Holy Spirit, and as the Evangelion commands "all that you bind on
      earth shall be bound also in heaven" , and according to the authority
      bestowed on Your Holiness by God, I will not only become eligible to
      be expelled from your presence, judged and removed from my position;
      if I modify or alter this document that I have written myself of my
      own volition or any of the pledges stated above, it is just that Your
      Holiness proclaim that I am fraudulent, so that no one trusts my
      word. If ever such an occasion arises, Your Holiness or any of your
      successors in that position can demand that I take back this document
      after paying 2850 British rupees.

      10. Now, I pray for the blessings of God and our Lord Yeshu Meshiha
      to fulfill the pledge that I have made with rectitude, and by His
      grace help and strengthen me and bless me to receive Him graciously
      when He comes to judge the living and the dead according to their
      deeds, good or evil. I petition to be counted among the righteous and
      not among the fraudulent.

      11. I confess before God and before His holy altar that the holy
      angels, the living Cross, the venerated Evangelion, those ordained to
      priesthood and the honorable people are witnesses to my pledge.

      Amen, barekhmor al shubqono. AD 1876 Vrischikam 26.

      Witness: Variath Kathanar (Fr. Varghese) of Vadakkekara Machathuruthy
      muriyil Edapally Kulangara residing at Parur East Church. (signed).
      Angadi Muttathottil Kumari Paulovari (signed).

      Scribed with knowledge: Geewargis Dayaroyo (signed).

      Fees 35. Domicile Fees 49.

      Copied by Clerk Vishwanatha Iyer (signed)
      Compared and verified by Moguvelupilla (signed)
      Registrar Padmanabha Iyer (signed)
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