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321st Dhukhrono of Mor Gregorious Of jerusalem

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  • Thomas Daniel
    321st Dhukhrono of Mor Gregorious Of Jerusalem 27th April 2002 ( Source: Photo published by St. Thomas Church, N.Paravur ) St.Gregorious Abdul’Galeel, the
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      321st Dhukhrono of Mor Gregorious Of Jerusalem

      27th April 2002 

      ( Source:  Photo published by St. Thomas Church,  N.Paravur )

                      St.Gregorious Abdul���Galeel,  the Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan of Jerusalem diocese who came to India in AD.1665, on the request of the Malankara Church to reinstate the Holy Apostolic faith in Malankara,  is remembered by the Malankara Syrian Christian community with great veneration.  It was his untiring efforts that helped the Malankara Church to overcome one of its most difficult periods.

      On 9th April 2000,  the spiritual supreme of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Antioch & all the East 'His Holiness Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas', through an historical bull, permitted to recite the Quqalya hymns and prayers of the Zadeeqo (saints) at the tomb of Mor GregoriusAbdel`Galeel Bava and Mor Osthathious Sleebo (Arthat Simhasana Church, Kunnakulam) and beseech their intercession.  

      For the proper understanding of the events that led to the arrival of Mor Gregorious in Malankara, a brief history of the Malankara Church of the 17th centaury, is included in this page.   Also a special emphasize is given on, the life histories of 'MarThoma I' (the first native Metropolitan of the Syrian Church) & Anjilimottil Itty Thommen Kathanar who led the Malankara church in that difficult era of religious persecutions,  and  the historic 'Koonan Kurishu Oath'  of AD 1653.

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