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Re: [SORForum] SOR Web Site Upgrade

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  • George Kiraz
    ... From: Brian Ingram ... Much progress has been made through the official and unofficial dialogues that have taken place between
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 30, 2002
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      From: "Brian Ingram" <Brian.Ingram@...>
      > Endquote
      > I am interested in what the forum members has to say about this. Do the
      > forum members believe there is still a lack of agreement between the two
      > sides of the Chalcedon Council

      Much progress has been made through the official and unofficial dialogues
      that have taken place between the various chruches through Pro Oriente and
      other meetings. Parties have come to realize that the difference lies in
      words and expressions. So the disagreement is much narrow now, but I believe
      there is still some disagreement as full communion between chalcedonian and
      non-chalcedonian churches has not been established yet.

      > There has been a common Christological Declaration signed by (11 November
      > 2001), His Holiness John Paul II, Bishop of
      > Rome and Pope of the Catholic Church, and His Holiness Mar Dinkha
      > IV,Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church, how do the members feel
      > about it?

      This is a step in the right direction. A similar decleration was signed
      between the Pope and the former and current Syrian Orthodox patriarchs. The
      declaration is specially important to the Assyrian Church of the East as it
      remain until today the only church that goes back to Apostolic times that is
      not in communion with any other Apostolic church.

      > Brian
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      > Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 7:32 PM
      > Subject: [SORForum] SOR Web Site Upgrade
      > > I am pleased to announce the completion of a significant upgrade to
      > > the SOR web site. The web site with its first pages created in
      > > September 1995, have over the years grown into a site with nearly 250
      > > pages and over 1500 objects. This upgrade is an attempt to re-
      > > architect the site to make information more easily accessible. The
      > > design of the site has also been enhanced to provide a look and feel
      > > that reflects the antiquity of the Syriac Orthodox spiritual
      > > tradition.
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