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72nd Dhukhrono of Sleeba Mor Osthathios

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  • Thomas Daniel
    72nd Dhukhrono on 19th March 2002 St. Sleeba Mor Osthathios ( Entombed - Arthat St.Mary s Simhasana Church, Kunnamkulam) Today is the 72 nd Dhukrono of the
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      72nd Dhukhrono on 19th March 2002

      St. Sleeba Mor Osthathios

      (Entombed - Arthat St.Mary's Simhasana Church, Kunnamkulam)

      Today is the 72nd Dhukrono of the late Patriarchal delegate Sleebo Mar Osthathios Bawa.  His grace was born in an ancient Syrian Christian village near Diyabakir,Turkey in AD 1854.  He arrived in Malankara together with Shemavun Mar Athanasious (Kottayam Puthen Pally) in 1877.   For 27 years, he remained as a deacon and spend his whole time in preaching the Holy Gospel travelling throughout Malankara.  He was ordained as a Metropolitan in 1908 at the age of 54 and was appointed as the Patriarchal delegate on the request of  Malankara Church.   Parumala Thirumeni, Konatt Mathen Malpan, Malankara Metropolitan Mar Athanasius Paulose, Ramban Mathai (later Catholiocs Mar Augen I) ,Rev. Fr. P P Joseph (father of late Catholicos Baselious Paulose II) were some of his known close aides during his long stay in Malankara.  He accompanied Parumala Thirumeni during the famous Jerusalem pilgrimage in 1895.

      In 1932, His Grace died and his mortal remains were entombed at the Arthat St.Mary�s Simhasana Church, Kunnamkulam, which he himself built.  For the Jacobite Syrian Christians his tomb is a Holy Place and many visits here, seeking his intercession.   Many baptize their Children as �Sleeba� after the name of our Bawa.   In April 2000, the Patriarch of Antioch through a bull dated 9th April, permitted to recite the 'Quqalya' hymns and prayers of the 'Zadeeqo' (saints) at the tomb of Mor Osthathios Bawa and beseech his intercession.

      Links to the Biography of Saint Sleeba Mor Osthathios Bawa, maintained by:-

      2.SOR Web Page
      3.Cheppaud Church


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