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NEW BOOK: Wilson, The Old Syriac Gospels

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  • George Kiraz
    Gorgias Press announces the following new book: Wilson, Jan.The Old Syriac Gospels, Studies and Comparative Translations ISBN: 1-931956-17-0 Price: $85.00
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2002
      Gorgias Press announces the following new book:

      Wilson, Jan.The Old Syriac Gospels, Studies and Comparative Translations
      ISBN: 1-931956-17-0
      Price: $85.00
      Subtitle: With Syriac Transcriptions by George A. Kiraz, and a Foreword by Mar Bawai Soro
      Series: Eastern Christian Studies I, II
      Format: Cloth
      Volumes: 2
      Pages: llxv + 850
      Publication Year: 2002
      Comments: Hardback edition ships in April 2002. An eBook version will be made available shortly; for further info on the eBook edition, email info@....



      The Old Syriac Gospels, Studies and Translations is a comparative translation into English of the two earliest versions of the Syriac (or Aramaic) Gospels (codex Sinaiticus and codex Curetonianus), with some interesting differences between the Aramaic and traditional Greek texts. This work is useful for theologians, interested laymen and students of Syriac. The edition gives the full text of the Siniaticus and Curetonianus manuscripts in Syriac (based on transcriptions by George A. Kiraz), with an English translation by E. Jan Wilson.

      Considerable mystery still surrounds the origin of the four Gospels, with much arguing about the language of the original texts. Did the first disciples write in Greek, as has been long assumed in the West? Or did they in fact write to their fellow believers in the language which they all spoke natively, viz. Aramaic? That question is only one of the topics treated in this work, which offers to scholars and laymen alike the opportunity to examine the earliest known Aramaic versions of the four Gospels.

      Dr. Wilson has written books and articles on various aspects of the Ancient Near East, including articles on Babylonian religious practices, articles on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and a translation of some of the world’s oldest literature – the Sumerian cylinders of Gudea from southern Mesopotamia. The current work is the result of a long and intense interest in the origins of Christianity and of the Christian scriptures.


      Volume I
       Series Preface by Fr. Boutron Tarabay
       Foreword by Mar Bawai Soro
       Introduction (General Remarks, A Brief History of the Aramaic Speaking Christians, The New Testament Text of Aramaic Christianity, Remarks on the Translation Techniques)
       Notes on the Old Syriac Gospels (Orthography, Vocabulary, Syntactical Differences Between S and C, Treatment of Old Testament Passages, Doctrinal Pecularities of S and C, The Background and Authorship of the Old Syriac Gospels)
       The Gospel Matthew
       The Gospel of Mark
      Volume II
       The Gospel of Luke
       The Gospel of John
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