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ANNOUNCEMENT: Beth Mardutho Joins Amazon.com Associates

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  • George Kiraz
    Announcement Beth Mardutho The Syriac Institute Joins Amazon.com to Market Books on Syriac Studies Piscataway, NJ - March 14, 2002. Today, Beth Mardutho The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2002
      Beth Mardutho The Syriac Institute Joins Amazon.com to Market Books on Syriac Studies
      Piscataway, NJ - March 14, 2002. Today, Beth Mardutho The Syriac Institute announced that it joined Amazon.com Associates to help further disseminate books in the field of Syriac studies through its web site www.bethmardutho.org. Amazon.com is the largest book retailer on the Internet. Every time a visitor visits www.bethmardutho.org home page, a listing of books available from Amazon.com is dynamically generated and linked to Amazon.com. Additionally, all other pages on the www.bethmardutho.org site give a selection of one book on the top-right corner, and a selection of two other books at the bottom.
      For each product purchased from Amazon.com through a link from www.bethmardutho.org, Beth Mardutho earns between 5% and 15% of the sale price. The proceeds will be used to help implement Beth Mardutho's eBeth Arké Project, announced last year, as well as other projects. The eBeth Arké Project aims at digitizing hundreds of books in the field of Syriac studies and making them available through the Internet in what will be the largest eLibrary in this field. The project is being led by Beth Mardutho in association with a number of prestigious university libraries including Brigham Young University, Brown University, The Catholic University of America, Duke University, Harvard's Dumbarton Oak's Library, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. Direct donations towards the eBeth Arké Project are being accepted on www.bethmardutho.org (click on Gifts Online).
      Beth Mardutho asks its patrons to use the links on www.bethmardutho.org for all their future visits to Amazon.com, even for products not related to Syriac studies. Beth Mardutho will earn money for any purchase made at Amazon.com that began with a link from Beth Mardutho's web site. Help us bring Syriac studies to the Third Millennium.
      About Beth Mardutho
      Established in 1992, Beth Mardutho seeks to promote the study and preservation of the Syriac heritage and language, and to facilitate opportunities for people to pursue the study of this ancient legacy globally. [www.bethmardutho.org]
      Join Beth Mardutho
      Be part of bringing the Syriac heritage into the third millennium. Become a member at www.bethmardutho.org.

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