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New Books from Gorgias Press

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  • George Kiraz
    Please see the book announcements below... George Kiraz ... From: Christine Kiraz To: christine@gorgiaspress.com Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 12:22 PM
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      Please see the book announcements below...
      George Kiraz

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      Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 12:22 PM
      Subject: New Books from Gorgias Press [WITH PRICES]

      I am pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Gorgias Press and the launch of the Gorgias Reprint Series, containing many rare books reprinted with new specially designed covers. As part of our Grand Openning celebration, we are offering 20% discount in addition to our already low prices, available until December 31, 2001. You can access our online catalog at www.gorgiaspress.com. The following books can be ordered now:

      1. J. B. Segal, Edessa 'The Blessed City' (2001, based on the 1970 edition). $44.95 $35.96, SAVE 8.99
      2. J. Hamlyn Hill, The Earliest Life of Christ: The Diatessaron of Tatian (2001, based on the 1910 2nd abridged edition). $12.95 $10.36, SAVE 2.59
      3. Joseph Knanishu, About Persia and Its People (2001, based on the 1899 edition). $14.95 $11.96, SAVE 2.99
      4. Robert Curzon, Ancient Monasteries of the East, Or The Monasteries of the Levant (2001, based on the 1849 edition). $24.95 $19.96, SAVE 4.99
      5. William Wright, A Short History of Syriac Literature (2001, based on the 1894 edition). $29.95 $23.96, SAVE 5.99
      6. Frits Holm, My Nestorian Adventure in China, A Popular Account of the Holm-Nestorian Expedition to Sian-Fu and Its Results (2001, based on the 1924 edition).  $24.95 $19.96, SAVE 4.99
      7. Austen Henry Layard, Nineveh and Its Remains: an account of a visit to the Chaldean Christians of Kurdistan, and the Yezidis, or devil-worshipers; and an inquiry into the manners and arts of the ancient Assyrians, Vol. 1 (2001, based on the 1850 5th edition). $31.95 $25.56, SAVE 6.39 (or 2 Volume Set for $49.95)
      8. Austen Henry Layard, Nineveh and Its Remains, Vol. 2 (2001, based on the 1850 5th edition).  $31.95 $25.56, SAVE 6.39 (or 2 Volume Set for $49.95)
      9. Margaret Gibson, How the Codex Was Found, A Narrative of Two Visits to Sinai From Mrs. Lewis’s Journals 1892-1893 (2001, based on the 1893 edition). $14.95 $11.96, SAVE 2.99
      10. Richard Davey, The Sultan and His Subjects (2001, based on the 1907 edition). $29.95 $23.96, SAVE 5.99
      11. Adrian Fortescue, Eastern Churches Trilogy: The Orthodox Eastern Church (2001, based on the 1929 edition). $31.95 $25.56, SAVE 6.39 (or 3 volume Set for $64.95)
      12. Adrian Fortescue, Eastern Churches Trilogy: The Lesser Eastern Churches (2001, based on the 1913 edition).  $31.95 $25.56, SAVE 6.39  (or 3 volume Set for $64.95)
      13. Adrian Fortescue, Eastern Churches Trilogy: The Uniate Eastern Churches: the Byzantine Rite in Italy, Sicily, Syria and Egypt (2001, based on the 1923 edition). $21.95 $17.56, SAVE 4.39  (or 3 volume Set for $64.95)
      14. A. V. Williams Jackson, From Constantinople to the Home of Omar Khayyam: Travels in Transcaucasia and Northern Persia for Historic and Literary Research (2001, based on the 1911 edition). $29.95 $23.96, SAVE 5.99
      15. Demetra Vaka, The Unveiled Ladies of Stamboul (2001, based on the 1923 edition). $19.95 $15.96, SAVE 3.99
      16. Oswald H. Parry, Six Months in a Syrian Monastery: Being the Record of a Visit to the Head Quarters of the Syrian Church in Mesopotamia with Some Account of the Yazidis or Devil Worshipers of Mosul and El Jilwah, Their Sacred Book (2001, based on the 1895 edition). $34.95 $27.96, SAVE 6.99
      17. B. T. A. Evetts, The Churches and Monasteries of Egypt and Some Neighbouring Countries, Attribted to Abû Sâlih the Armenian (2001, based on the 1895 edition). $49.95 $39.96, SAVE 9.99
      18. James Murdock, The New Testament, Or the Book of the Holy Gospel of Our Lord and Our God Jesus the Messiah, A Literal Translation from the Syriac Peshita Version (2001, based on the 1851 edition). $44.95 $35.96, SAVE 8.99
      19. Gertrude Lowthian Bell, Amurath to Amurath: A Five Month Journey Along the Banks of the Euphrates (2001, based on the 1924 second edition).
      20. Anthony Vallavanthara, India in 1500 AD: The Narratives of Joseph the Indian (2001, First US edition)  $24.95 $19.96, SAVE 4.99

      You can order these books at www.gorgiaspress.com.

      In addition to reprinting rare books, Gorgias Press publishes new titles in traditional book and eBook formats in a variety of genre: literature, academic texts and monographs, nonfiction, and literary fiction. For our upcoming new titles, please refer to our website. Gorgias Publishing Services uses the latest in publishing technology, and makes books and eBooks available at affordable prices. We guarantee that our titles remain in-print. Our wide network of book distributors (book stores and Internet stores) worldwide puts our publications within the reach of every reader worldwide. If you are interested in publishing with Gorgias Press, we would like to hear from you. You can submit book proposals by email at submissions@....

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Christine I. Kiraz
      Vice President
      Gorgias Press
      46 Orris Ave., Piscataway, NJ 98854 USA
      Fax 732-699-0342
      Phone 732-699-0343 

    • George Kiraz
      Gorgias Press would like to announce the following new books: 05/12/2004 Baum, W. Shirin: Christian - Queen - Myth of Love Shirin, the beloved wife of the
      Message 2 of 2 , May 13 8:55 PM

        Gorgias Press would like to announce the following new books:
        05/12/2004 Baum, W. Shirin: Christian - Queen - Myth of Love
        Shirin, the beloved wife of the Persian shah, Chosroes II (b. 628), pulled political strings behind the scenes and supported the "Nestorian" Christian minority in Iran. After the fall of Chosroes, Firdausi remembered Shirin in his epic, the "Shahnama."
        ISBN: 1-59333-282-3
        Price: $38.00
        Format: Paperback
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: v + 114
        Photos/Illustrations: 16

        05/12/2004 Heazell, F.N. Kurds and Christians
        Kurds and Christians is a compilation of letters (some translated from Syriac), narratives of journeys and local traditions, and various documents pertaining to the Archbishop of Canterbury's Mission to the Assyrian Church of the East. The documents cover the ecclesiastical and social life of the Church of the East and the Anglican Mission, the School of Urmia, Kurdish troubles in the area (which caused the murder of some native clergymen), and the printing press with its various publications.
        ISBN: 1-59333-106-1
        Price: $58.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: ix + 239
        Photos/Illustrations: 17
        Maps/Plans: 1

        05/12/2004 Littledale The Holy Eastern Church: A Popular outline of its History, Doctrines, Liturgies...
        One of the beneficial results flowing from what would otherwise have been simply an unmixed evil, the Crimean War, has been a quickened interest in all which concerns the doctrines and practices of the Holy Eastern Church, the most ancient and conservative of Christian communities, the august parent whence all other Churches, even Rome herself, derive their origin, their constitution, and their rites.
        ISBN: 1-59333-108-8
        Price: $38.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xi + 102
        Photos/Illustrations: 1

        05/12/2004 Burkitt, F.C. Early Eastern Christianity
        Early Eastern Christianity contains six lectures on the syriac-speaking church, delivered in 1904 by F. C. Burkitt, then lecturer in paleography at the University of Cambridge. The lectures are an attempt to sketch the leading characteristics of the ancient Church of Edessa and the Euphrates Valley from the earliest times to the Council of Chalcedon.
        ISBN: 1-59333-101-0
        Price: $58.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xii +228
        Photos/Illustrations: 4

        05/12/2004 Al-Ghazzali Worship In Islam
        One who does not have a Muslim training finds it difficult to understand what he or she sees and hears when observing a Muslim at worship alone or with others in a mosque. The eleventh century writer Al-Ghazzali supplies the required information in his Book of the Worship, of which the present work is a translation.
        ISBN: 1-59333-111-8
        Price: $48.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xi + 242

        05/12/2004 Maclean, A.J. The Ancient Church Orders
        The Church Orders are an interesting series of manuals in The Ancient Church Orders, A. J. Maclean makes them better known to the modern reader, and explains the extent to which they throw light on early Christian worship and customs.
        ISBN: 1-59333-099-5
        Price: $48.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xiii + 181

        05/12/2004 Butler, A.J. The Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt (New Introduction by Karel Innemme)
        This two-volume work is the result of a seven-month field work in Egypt, during which Alfred Butler was a private tutor to Prince Tawfik from 1880 to 1881. Butler visited most of the old churches and monasteries in and around Cairo and traveled to the Wadi al-Natrun, the monasteries of the Red Sea and a number of churches in Upper Egypt. His descriptions are invaluable and sometimes are the only record of what we know about a certain object or church.
        ISBN: 1-59333-280-7
        Price: $120.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Volumes: 2 vols.
        Pages: xx + 379, xii + 411
        Photos/Illustrations: 66

        05/12/2004 Luke, H.C. Mosul and its Minorities
        The city of Mosul in Northern Iraq witnessed the misfortunes of war on many occasions in the past 100 years, and its minorities have always been ignored during difficult times. In Mosul and Its Minorities, Harry Charles Luke, once an Assistant Governor of Jerusalem for the British Mandate government, hopes "to make these singularly interesting peoples better known to English readers, and to win for them, if possible, some additional measure of sympathy in the difficult times through which they are passing."
        ISBN: 1-59333-107-X
        Price: $58.00
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xii + 161
        Photos/Illustrations: 16

        05/11/2004 Williams, P.J. Early Syriac Translation Technique and the Textual Criticism of the Greek Gospels
        This systematic investigation of the relationship between the Syriac Gospels (Old Syriac and Peshitta) and their Greek Vorlage, formulates clear rules for the use of Syriac witnesses in textual criticism and also shows the errors that can arise if these rules are ignored.
        ISBN: 1-59333-096-0
        Price: $65.00
        Series: Texts and Studies, Third Series, Vol. 2
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xv + 339

        05/11/2004 Brooke, A.E. The Fragments of Heracleon
        Only fragments of the writings of the Gnostic teacher Heracleon, a disciple of Valentinus who flourished around 145-180 A.D, survive and primarily in quotations in Origen’s commentary on the Gospel of Saint John. This book gives an edition of the surviving texts with extensive notes, biblical references, and indices.
        ISBN: 1-59333-279-3
        Price: $55.00
        Series: Texts and Studies, First Series, Vol. 1, No. 4
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: vii + 113

        05/11/2004 Harris, J.R. The Apology of Aristides
        The early-second-century Apology of Aristides is the oldest surviving apologia or defence of the new Christian religion. This volume contains an introduction, the critical edition of the Syriac text, an English translation, and a study of the remaining Greek fragments.
        ISBN: 1-59333-278-5
        Price: $55.00
        Series: Texts and Studies, First Series, Vol. 1, No. 1
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: vii + 118

        05/11/2004 Rominson, J.A. The Passion of S. Perpetua
        In this book, the late Cambridge scholar A. J. Robinson provides a study of the Greek and Latin texts of the passion and martyrdom of Saint Perpetua based on newly discovered manuscripts at the time. The book ends with the original Latin text of The Scillitan Martyrdom.
        ISBN: 1-59333-277-7
        Price: $55.00
        Series: Texts and Studies, First Series, Vol. 1, No. 2
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: ix + 131

        05/11/2004 Chase, F.H. The Lord's Prayer in the Early Church
        In this book, the late Cambridge scholar F. H. Chase gives an insightful study on the Lord’s prayer in the early Christian Church. The study first discusses the early Church and the Synagogue, then goes through an analytical study of every phrase of the Lord’s prayer.
        ISBN: 1-59333-275-0
        Price: $55.00
        Series: Texts and Studies, First Series, Vol. 1, No. 3
        Format: Casebound
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: xii + 179

        05/11/2004 Leroy, J. Monks and Monasteries of the Near East
        Jules Leroy, the French art expert, spent several months touring the Near East in search of Early Christian remains. During this time he visited most of the monasteries in Egypt, Syria, the Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq, some of them in ruins, some of them still flourishing. He has written a vivid account of his impressions of these monasteries and of the reception he got from the monks in them. Not all the places he visited were Christian, for he describes visits to the Moslem Bektashis in Cairo, the dervishes at Tripoli, and the Yezidi devil-worshippers in the mountains of Iraq.
        ISBN: 1-59333-276-9
        Price: $48.00
        Format: Paperback
        Size (in): 6 x 9
        Pages: 208
        Photos/Illustrations: 64
        Maps/Plans: 1
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