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  • Johnny Messo
    Shlomo Daniel, I always enjoy reading your postings. I’m from Holland, but I’m almost 3 weeks by now in Jerusalem at our monastery staying there for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2001
      Shlomo Daniel,

      I always enjoy reading your postings. I�m from Holland, but I�m almost 3
      weeks by now in Jerusalem at our monastery staying there for another 6

      About the prayers for peace in Jerusalem, I just came from te Armenian
      Cathehdral. From the 15th-28th of August there are prayers, everyday at 6 pm
      at a different church. Tomorrow it's at the St. Mark monastery in the church
      of the Holy virgin Mary.

      Recently you wrote:
      �Tradition is where Christianity and the Bible came from, and Tradition is
      what Orthodoxy stuck to, and tradition is what the Lord passed onto us.�

      Could you have a quick look at Matthew 28:19, where Moran �ashlem
      l-talmidaw/passed onto� his disciples commandments which according to our
      Syriac-Orthodox tradition were handled down to our early Christian fathers.

      It is mainly this verse that plays a crucial role in the dogma of the
      Trinity (I�m aware of say all the other Trinity proof texts in the Bible as
      well) and especially in our liturgy, prayers, etc., right? For example, the
      �modo/baptism contains a lot of these kind of phrases where we baptize our
      children in the Name of the Holy Trinity (you know, f.ex., ba-shmo d-Abo,
      d-Abro, wad-ruHo Hayo qadisho, etc.). We �do�, so to say, almost everything
      in the Name of the Holy Trinity in our churches.

      But my request is actually, if you (hopefully) have time for it, if you
      could read the attachment (I hope you can open it and read it) I found
      Online in the light of the above given info and share your opinions with us.
      So in short, what do you (or others!) think about that booklet I attached to
      this mail?

      *l-dilokh aHo ba-mshiHo moran wab-Suryoyutho Oromoyto mshiHoyto*
      *Your brother in Christ our Lord, and in the Syriac-Aramaic Christian

      Thanks in advance,


      PS: about that S-O tradition where the archangel Gabriel greeted Adam, after
      he returned from a �journey�, because he thought it was the Lord God
      Himself, is in that sense true that is indeed a Syriac-Orthodox tradition. I
      forgot actually where it comes from, maybe someone else can help you with
      this, it�s already been 5 years ago or so that I had Bible studies about
      such subjects!

      Thinking that he greeted the Almighty Himself, the angel Gabriel said to
      Adam �barekh mor/bless me, my Lord�, to which Adam replied �Aloho
      nbarekh/God bless�; perhaps it could also be translated with �It is God who
      blesses (you Gabriel, not me, for I�m but a creation of The Creator!)� in
      this context.

      Observe that another famous Syriac-Orthodox tradition lies in the above,
      namely that God spoke in Syriac-Aramaic with Adam, and that our language is
      accordingly the first language of the world! As most (Ya�qub d-Urhoy,
      however, believes that Hebrew is older than Aramaic).

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