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Syrian Orthodox church in Minnesota?

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  • exunoomnia
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,I have been trying to find a Syrian Orthodox church in Minneapolis-St.Paul and there doesnt appear to be one.There is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2009
      Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,I have been trying to find a Syrian Orthodox church in Minneapolis-St.Paul and there doesnt appear to be one.There is a Coptic,Armenian,Ethiopian,and of course probably 20 different Eastern Orthodox churches(chalcedonian).There is also 2 Syrian-Maronite Catholic churches but as I said no Syrian Orthodox or Malankara Syriac Orthodox churches.Does anyone know if there might be a small Syrian Orthodox mission church up here meeting in another church or building?I am an Orthodox Christian very spiritualy drawn and connected to the Holy Syrian Orthodox church and would love to go and be a member of the Syrian Orthodox church if there is one up here.I was raised Eastern Orthodox but entered the Oriental Orthodox church 20 yrs ago through the Coptic church and was ordained a Deacon By his grace,The Thrice Blessed Bishop Karras of blessed memory.I have been attending the local Antiochian Orthodox church(Eastern-chalcedonian Orthodox)for the last year since moving to Minnesota for language reasons since the liturgy is all in English and the local Coptic church uses far to much Coptic and Arabic with hardly any English and the Priest told me I would have to cut my hair to serve as a deacon in his church.It's very common for Eastern Orthodox clerics,exspecially Russian and Greek to have long hair they keep in ponytails or in a bun as well as having a beard.This is done in rememberance of Samson and the ancient Hebrew vow of the Nazarite.St.James,the brother of our Lord and first bishop of Jerusalem was a Nazarite as well as St.John the Baptist,Jeremiah,ect.,being concecrated from their mothers womb to the glory and service of God.It is also clear on the Holy shroud of Turin of our Lord,which is held by myself and many Orthodox and Catholics to be the true buriel shroud of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,that our Lord also wore his hair long,as this is also shown on all the icons of our Lord.I used to spend alot of time at St.Antonys Coptic monastery and was never told to cut my hair.Pope Kyrollos of the Coptic church before Pope Shenouda wore his hair long.Needless to say this priest up here was judging me on external appearance rather then on my deep love and devotion to Christ,the Orthodox church,and my love for all God's children and creatures he created.My love and spiritual connection to the Syrian Orthodox church is very strong and I hold it in the highest respect as it is the daughter church of the original mother church of Jerusalem with St.James as it's first bishop and then transfering to Antioch in Syria with St.Peter as its first bishop.I love the fact that the Syrian Orthodox church still celebrates the original Divine Liturgy of St.Jame's in Aramaic,our Lord's language and the Apostles.If anyone can help me find out if there is a Syrian Orthodox or Malankara Syriac Orthodox church I would much appreciate it.Yours in Christ,Michael.
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