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Miracle at the Kattachira Church

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  • Thomas Joseph
    Being sceptical of miracles that challenge the laws of nature, I was inclined to dismiss this one initially. But, the witness (from a friend, below) and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2009
      Being sceptical of miracles that challenge the laws of nature, I was inclined to dismiss this one initially. But, the witness (from a friend, below) and the video clip on the linked page which show the tears flowing from the eyes in the photo of the Holy Virgin Mother on a flex board, and the reverse side which is clear, seem convincing.
      Perhaps there is even a scientific explanation; even so, the flex board shedding tears exactly where the image of the eyes are in a photo, in a humble church of poor farmers, seems more than a strange coincidence.
      Whether it be through miracles that seemingly defy the natural order of things or otherwise, God continues to speak to those who care to listen.
      Thomas Joseph, Ph.D.
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      Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 10:04:19 +0530
      Subject: Miracle at the Kattachira Pally - Continuing on the 9th day



      The Miracle that is being happening at our Kattachira St. Mary’s Chapel since 21st of this month is still continuing for the 9th day in succession. And I am one of those fortunate ones who could witness the great Miracle today.

      Strenuous Prayers, day & night, is continuing here with Holy Qurbono every morning. Lot of people are coming to this small church to pray. (and also there are many who are coming here with a doubting mind as well !). Earlier the parishioners had planned to end the continuous prayers on the 8th day, but they are now afraid to stop it since the miracle is continuing and one more incidence has happened since yesterday. Hence they decided to continue the 24-hour prayers for 21 days with Holy Qurbono every day.

      I firmly believe that the miracle happening in this simple portrait printed in flex and nailed to a wooden frame, with clear visibility on back side, is undoubtedly a Gods sign. It is simply kept in the floor, in the middle part of the church. The tears like fluid, coming from the eye part of Mother Mary, appears to be slightly oily and is collected in a small vessel covered by white cloth on which the picture is kept in the floor.

      (In the photo one can see only the wet cloth, The vessel is kept below it. On the first few days the fluid was collected in an open vessel, but since lot of dust particles has come into it they put a white cloth above it. Achen told me that they haven’t removed the cloth for the last few days and hence they don’t have any idea how much fluid is collected inside the vessel now and what is in it, but he relieved that at least they will get the cloth.)

      Another miracle also started happening from Thursday 29th when the Knanaya Metropolitan H.G. Kuriakose Mor Gregorios was celebrating Holy Qurbono. And again the same has repeated on 30th Friday during the Holy Mass.  The priest who celebrated the mass today personally testified it.

      This is one church which consists of only poor people with no big shots to name and they have been suffering a lot for many many years because of various reasons known to all of us and still they withstood all the obstacles. This small church is a place where tears of the parishioners has fallen much and now the God seems to be working wonders through His Mother.

      I have no more words to explain. I firmly believe in what I have seen in this smallest of the small church of Malankara.

      I have uploaded photos which I have taken today in http://www.syrianchurch.org/ along with the concerned news that was published on October 23rd

      John Philip Kottapparambil


      30 October 2009
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