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91475th birthday of His Holiness

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Apr 21, 2008
      By the Grace of Almighty God, our Holy father, Moran Mor Ignatius
      Zakka I Iwas the Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic See of Antioch and
      all the East and the Primate of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church
      is celebrating 75th birthday on 21st April 2008.

      On this gracious occasion we all wish, our beloved Moran, a blessed
      and esteemed, healthy and long life. In our daily prayers, let us pray
      for H.H, to continue to lead the Church with the divine guidance.

      Website dedicated on the occasion of 25th year of Patriarchal
      enthronement of His Holiness in 2005:

      In our Lord's Love
      SOCM Moderators