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899Catholic - Oriental Orthodox Dialogue details

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Feb 4, 2008
      Catholic - Oriental Orthodox Dialogue details in Malayalam can be
      had at:


      Mor Theophilose Kuriakose

      Oriental Orthodox - Catholic International Joint Commission meetings

      Damascus: The fifth theological dialogue meeting of the
      International Joint Commission of Oriental Orthodox and Catholic
      Churches started at the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate in Damascus,
      Syria. The Churches, which was separated in the 5th Century, formed
      this dialogue commission in 2003.

      The meeting discussed about the Churchs' missionary and theological
      work requirement and is formulating a common declaration. However,
      the difference of opinion on several aspects, like Papal Primacy
      etc. will require more in-depth discussions.

      In the opening speech, the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch H.H. Ignatius
      Zakka I emphasised the importance of joint meetings of Oriental
      Orthodox and Catholic Churches, which are very close in faith
      matters, to improve and expand its bilateral relations, due to the
      increased relegious terrorism, secularism etc. seen today.

      The representatives from Catholic Church, Syrian Orthodox Church,
      Coptic Orthodox Church, Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Armenian
      Orthodox Church took part in this year's meeting. The Indian
      Orthodox Church were not attending the meeting, due to the recent
      developments in Kerala. Two of their metropolitans were said to be
      ordained a German person, who is under the jurisdiction of Syrian
      Orthodox Patriarch, as a Bishop, and it was strongly condemned by
      all OO and Catholic Church heads. The Joint Commission's Co-Chairman
      and Ponthifical Council President Cardinal Walter Casper informed
      that the Catholic Church issued instruction to its European Church
      centres, not to receive the said Bishop in any of its dioceses or

      The Armenian Church head H.H. Aram I will arrive in Malankara to
      meet and discuss with the warring factions, in order to arrive at a
      peaceful solution, Patriarch H. H. Ignatius Zakka I said.

      The Jacobite Church from Malankara was represented in the meeting by
      H.G. Dr. Kuriakose Mor Theophilos and the Catholic Church in India
      was represented by Rev. Fr. Dr. Mathew Vellanikkal.

      SOCM News Bureau.