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888"Martyrs, Saints & Prelates of The Syriac Orthodox Church, Volume I"

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jul 28, 2007
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      "Martyrs, Saints & Prelates of The Syriac Orthodox Church, Volume I"

      Dear All
      Barakmore / Shlomo

      "SOCMNet.org" and " The Travancore Syriac Orthodox Publishers " is
      now jointly working on publishing its second book "Martyrs, Saints
      & Prelates of The Syriac Orthodox Church, Volume I" authored by Rev.
      Fr. K. Mani Rajan, M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D

      This book is a collection of biographies of martyrs, saints, doctors
      and prelates of the Syriac Orthodox Church. Although a few books
      are available in Malayalam, there is a felt need for biographies in
      English based on Syriac traditions and research literature. This
      work is an earnest attempt to meet this demand.

      Th author, Rev. Fr. K. Mani Rajan is the Vicar of St. Mary's Syrian
      Simhasana Church, Arthat, Kunnamkulam, Kerala, India. He is a
      lecturer at St. Joseph's Training College, Mannanam, Kottayam. He
      was a CERC Research Fellow at the University of California,
      Riverside, U.S.A. during 1990-93. Before assuming his position at
      St. Joseph's Training College, he was a teacher at Kendriya
      Vidyalaya, Kochi.

      In addition to Martyrs, Saints and Prelates of Syrian Orthodox
      Church, he is the author of Queen of the Sacraments (1991), The
      prayer book of the Syriac Orthodox Church (1993), Perspectives in
      physical science teaching (1999), A treatise on form and style of
      thesis and dissertation (1999) and Science of Science Education
      (2004). He has authored a chapter in Secondary Education: The
      Challenges Ahead (2002) published by NIEPA, New Delhi. He has
      published about a dozen articles in journals and has presented half-
      a-dozen papers at national conferences. He has authored, compiled
      and edited a few other books in Malayalam and English. He has
      attended American Educational Research Association (AERA) meetings
      at Chicago (1991) and San Fransisco (1992).

      To partake in the sponsorship of this project, please contact us on
      following email ID with your postal address and contact telephone
      Email: SOCM-FORUM-owner@yahoogroups.com

      We request you all to keep this project in your daily prayer.

      Many thanks for your usual support to SOCM and all its activities.

      Be with us and be part of us.

      In HIS Love

      On behalf of SOCMNet & The Travancore Syriac Orthodox Publishers
      Thomas Daniel (Reji)