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838An explanatory letter from HH the Greek Pontiff of Alexandria

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jul 12, 2006
      An explanatory letter from HH the Greek Pontiff of Alexandria
      concerning the faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

      A report with the Greek Pontiff Thedoros II was published in Al
      Ahram Weekly Issue No: 740 on April 2005. H.H talked about the
      Coptic Church and described it as a follower of Monophysite heresy
      believing in one nature, namely, it omitted the flesh of the Christ
      as the heresy of Eutyches claimed.

      Therefore, H.G Metropolitan Bishoy, metropolitan of Damietta and
      Kafr El-Sheikh, the Holy Synod Secretary and member of the dialogue
      committee between the two churches, went to HH to inquire about this
      speech. HH replied denouncing the mistakes mentioned in the speech
      against the Coptic Church. He explained that he never meant to
      accuse it with heresy. He said that this misunderstanding which was
      not intended may be due to the translator (HH spoke in Greek whereas
      translator used English) HH wrote an official letter in English at
      the end of the meeting. He signed the letter and added the seal of
      the Greek Alexandrian patriarchate. He expressed his great respect
      for the Coptic Orthodox Church. A copy of this letter available at
      the URL: http://www.socmnet.org/ExplanatoryLletterGOPA.JPG

      As Al Araham weekly refused to publish this explanatory letter from
      HH the Greek Pontiff, the Holy Synod of the Coptic Church has
      decided to send a copy of this letter to the Wathani Newspaper to be
      published in the English supplement. This was decided at the session
      of Saturday 10 June 2006.