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752First Holy Communion in SOC

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  • dhinuus
    Jul 20 11:25 PM
      Dear Members,

      In another internet forum I saw a link posted to the following web


      This shows Mor Clemis E. Kaplan, SOC Archbishop of Western USA
      officiating in First Holy Communion function at Saint Ephraim Syrian
      Orthodox Church in Burbank, California.

      I am surprised that in our Syriac Orthodox Church is practicing
      something called 'First Holy Communion' service. Unlike in the Roman
      Catholic church, in our church we give the Holy Communion to the
      infant immediately after baptism. In our church it is not delayed
      until they are 10 or so as the Latins do.

      So how come in the US we are changing the traditions ? Can anyone
      shed more light into this.

      There are more photos of First Holy Communion services in other SOC
      churches in the USA.

      Mother Of God Zunoro Church, Jacksonville, Florida

      Saint Elias Syrian Orthodox Church, Chico, California

      Saint George Syrian Orthodox Church, San Fernando, California

      Are these truly 'First Holy Communions' ? If so when did our SOC
      start doing this practice ?

      In Christ!
      Mathew G M